Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. Ljubljana reminded me of a combination of Amsterdam and Paris and Lake Bled has the most breathtaking views you’ll think you’re looking at a computer screensaver. A relatively underrated country for backpackers to visit, you should put Slovenia on your agenda and bathe in the cultural glories it has to offer.

Places to See

  • Ljubljana
  • Bled
  • Vogel
  • Lasko

Top Attractions

  • Lake Bled
  • Skocjan Caves
  • Triglav National Park
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Julian Alps


Local Currency- Euro

Considering Slovenia has its own currency, it’s relatively cheap. A little more expensive than Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary or other countries with its own currency, Slovenia remains to be a very affordable European country.

Big Spender-£35-£40 p/p a day. This would include staying in luxury hostels, eating in restaurants at least 2 meals day, visiting all top attractions and experiencing the nightlife.

Sensible Thinker-£30 p/p a day. This would mean staying at good hostels-possibly private rooms, eating out for at least one meal a day, visiting some top attractions and sometimes experiencing the nightlife.

Shoestring-£15-£20 p/p a day. Staying in dorms in okay hostels, cooking your own food the majority of the time and getting local transport.

How to get around


Slovenia is an extremely easy country to navigate around thanks to its excellent train links. These links are especially good when travelling from Ljubljana or going to touristic places such as Bled. Unlike some other EU countries (Czech Republic I’m looking at you) Slovenian trains actually tend to stick to some sort of a schedule, are fairly regular and the replacement buses you’ll encounter will be low. Interrail passes will come in handy here and most of the time you don’t need a seat reservation- happy days!


Top Tips

  • Look for walking tours
    I know I go on about them a lot, but they really are the best way to learn about a city. Ljubljana’s free tour was one of my favourites throughout Europe. There’s a few tours to do here so check with your hostel which they recommend.
  • Waters ports in Bled
    Europe has some pretty good places to splash out and enjoy some water sports; jet skis, kayaking that kind of thing. Lake Bled is not just a really cool place to do this, but it will only cost you one third of the amount you’d pay in Spain or Portugal. I loved paddle boarding on the lake- it was incredible.
  • Bled’s not just about the Lake. Bled is actually a pretty cool town, but most people don’t experience it as they’re too bust glued to the lake. Lake Bled is awesome, but check out some other places too- Vintgar gorge is an excellent place to start.
  • Stay in a cool hostel. There are a LOT of hostels in Slovenia and some of them are really really cool so make sure you put some research in and pick the best ones. I saw some having BBQ parties outside, had free excursions- mine on the other hand had a 9pm curfew. Like I said, do some research.

Best Time to Visit

Summer is the best time to visit Slovenia- even in high summer the heat doesn’t compare to other EU countries. There’s so much going on here in Peak season it would be a shame to miss it, plus a lot of the restaurants tend to shut down in the Winter as most of them are outside.

Best Vegan eateries

  • Loving Hut- Ljubljana
  • Bobencek- Ljubljana (A must visit- I had the best kebab and carbonara of my life)
  • ZaZiv- Bled

The Language

Hello. Živjo. (ZHEE-vyoh)

How are you? Kako si? (kah-KOH see?)

Fine, thank you. Hvala, dobro. (HVAH-lah, DOH-broh)

Nice to meet you. Me veseli. (meh veh-seh-LEE)

Please. Prosim. (PROH-sihm)

Thank you. Hvala. (HVAA-lah)

Thank you very much. Hvala lepa. (HVAA-lah LEH-pah)

You’re welcome. (in response to ‘Thank you’)Prosim. (PROH-sihm)

Yes. Da. (dah)/ Ja

No. Ne. (neh)

I’m sorry. Oprostite. (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)

Goodbye Nasvidenje. (nahs-VEE-deh-nyeh)

WhereKatieGoes Rating


One of my all time favourites! Rated highly because of its natural beauty and its rich culture.

Happy travelling!