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Why I’m a bad blogger…

Hello, my name is Katie…and I’m a bad blogger. I feel like I have the potential to be a good blogger (maybe even a great one) I mean, I have a blog and I write blog posts…what more can there be to it right? Wrong! There is SO much more that goes into having a successful blog than simply having one, and I must admit it’s the ‘other’ stuff I suck at. To the outside world, blogging must seem so easy, but you only see one side of it, you don’t see; the hours of photo editing, the time spent planning content, scrolling through social media until your thumbs hurt and staring at a screen so much you get a migraine.

Now, I’m not complaining, I LOVE my blog (most of the time) but it’s other bloggers really that make me hate it. Before you all go off on one, hear me out, it’s nothing personal, nor is it really anything to do with them. It’s more of how much of a failure I feel when I’m reading their blog, or scrolling through their social media.

Here’s 6 reasons as to why I’m a self-declared bad blogger…

  • I don’t treat it like a full time job

I don’t treat my job like a full time job…because I already have one, and blogging isn’t it. I understand for some people, blogging is their job so naturally they will get to spend so much more time doing their than I do mine. In a week I try to; write at least one blog, upload to Instagram, pin as many things as I can, write on Facebook, reply to comments, messages and emails, go out and get new content and then edit photos and any video footage I may have. Still a lot right? How people manage to work full time and then spend every minute of their day blogging either have no life OR are superheroes!

  • I forget it exists

I write because I love to write, it’s really that simple, but my life doesn’t necessarily revolve around writing. Quite often I’ll do something really fun or I’ll go somewhere amazing and I’ll completely forget to capture it for Social Media or for my blog because I’m too busy living it. I’ll go to a concert and won’t film it, I’ll have the most amazing meal and won’t take a photo- sometimes I completely forget, and quite honestly…I’m okay with that.

  • I’m rubbish at social media

Social Media is my job; I’m a marketing assistant and social media is a big part of that. I don’t know if it’s because I spend all day at work I can’t think of anything worse than coming home and doing the same thing. Social Media is very full on and it’s everywhere- there’s immense pressure to do well. There’s the community groups, the telegram pods, the engagement…it can be so much to handle sometimes. I love talking to you all who read my blog, honestly I do- I’m eternally grateful that I have a voice and am able to use it unlike so many women in this World. But sometimes, I feel like I’m liking a photo so they’re forced to like mine back, and that’s not the relationship I want with social media.

  • I don’t advertise it enough

I don’t constantly plug my blog, which I haven’t figured out if it’s a problem or not. Honestly, I’m perfectly happy the way my blog is; I actually don’t want to quit my job and do it full- time, I’m pretty sure that would make me hate it. Blogging is a hobby for me and I want it to stay that way.

  • I don’t have a plan

I write on an adhock basis, which by what I’ve gathered from other bloggers is a big NO NO. I try to post as often as I can but I also want what I write about to be authentic; if I forced myself to post every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday I feel like this wouldn’t be the case. I write when I have something worthy to say, or when I feel like it.

  • It stresses me out

I’ll hold my hands up, quite often my blog stresses me out. This is the main reason I took so much time off from it when I came home from Thailand. I deleted my WordPress app, I refused to log into Instagram, I wouldn’t look at stats or posts or anything; in that period of time, my blog did not exist. I hate how wound up I get about the amount of likes on a photo, I wish I didn’t obsess over how many people have read my blog that day. I feel like I’m quite insecure about my blog, it’s my baby, I love it and I spend so much time crafting it that I want it to be a success- but at what cost exactly?


So there you have it. My 6 reasons as to why I’m a bad blogger. I’ve come to realise that every blogger is different and we all have different goals. Just because I write online that doesn’t mean I want to quit my job tomorrow and become a pro blogger, that’s not my plan. So if that’s not my plan, why do I let myself get so stressed? Why do I feel like I need to be working ALL of the time! I guess it’s like any other insecurity; looking at bikini models on Instagram, lusting after someone else’s glamorous life on Facebook- Social Media magnifies our stresses and turns them into monsters, when in actual fact we all know that social media doesn’t necessarily represent the truth.

If there are any other amateur bloggers reading this that write purely for recreational purposes, take the day off, take a step back- you’ve done enough for today. Let’s be bad together!


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You’re not a bad blogger, you’re human and you’re not afraid of saying so. I agree adhock is the way to go with blogs and we should make that a yes yes instead of a no no. Natural blog posts are far better than forced ones!
Great post!


It’s definitely way harder than any blogger/writer is given credit for! But like with everything you either do it to earn or to have fun only a select few are lucky enough to turn s profit from what they enjoy! Don’t let that stop you though, yet another great read or should I say ‘slice!’

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