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" /> I’m hiking a marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support – Slice of Kate

I’m hiking a marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support

It is 12 weeks until I hike 26.6miles from Brighton to Eastbourne. Why? To raise money for Macmillan cancer. The race for life never really interested me and I would never shave my head, I wanted to do something that would really challenge me- so hiking a marathon seemed to fit.

I’d say I’m generally quite fit; I work out 5 days a week and I’m probably in the best shape of my life…strength wise. I lift heavy weights but do cardio hardly ever. When I lived in Thailand, I ran every day in the heat, Joe and I would climb mountains without batting an eye and I would barely break a sweat. So, to get back into that shape I’m adding the Stairmaster into my routine and am going on a 12 week cut.

I have SERIOUS stomach and digestive issues, I’m uncomfortable most of the time and can blow up to the size of a house when I’m bloated. My body does well when my calorific intake is limited, when I’m eating really clean and when I’m tracking my macros- so that’s what I’m doing. To prepare, Joe and I are making sure we go on a hike every weekend and this time we started in Castleton in the Peak District and it was HARD!

Macmillan cancer is an amazing cause to raise money for, I can’t even imagine how difficult this hike is going to be but knowing what a difference my money can make will make it all worthwhile.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me then click here! Even £1 can make such a difference.

I’m going to be filming every step of my hike so keep an eye out if you want some laughs!


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