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What I wore last week

The black jeans edit

When I got back from Thailand 5 months ago,  the only clothes I had were tiny crop tops and some of the shortest shorts you’ll have ever seen. Why? Basically because I had the bright decision to either sell, bin or donate literally ALL of my clothes before I left. This may seem like a terrible decision but when I left England the majority of  clothes in my wardrobe were a size 10/12 and were getting a bit baggy, I returned home a size 6/8 so it doesn’t really matter that I threw all of my clothes away, they wouldn’t have fit me anyway.

If you’re new here then I’ll tell you now, I’m known to be a bit of a shopaholic. An addiction I thought I had kicked when I put every penny into saving for travel, it reared its ugly little head once again when I suddenly had all of this income and nothing to spend it on.

Having said that, something that I absolutely HATE (with a passion might I add) spending my money on, is work clothes. I have no idea why; seeing as I spend 5 days out of 7 at work, but I just can’t bring myself to buy clothes to go to work in. My work style consists of two words…Basic bitch. Most of the time I simply can’t be bothered to get dressed in the morning and I usually throw on whatever smells the cleanest from my ever-growing pile of clothes laid out on my bedroom floor, so it’s really surprising that I get messages all the time asking where I buy my clothes. It seems crazy to me.

So, I decided to create this ‘What I wore last week’ a thing, a series. The only twist is I’ll wear the same item of clothing every day (because I’m a scrub like that and I couldn’t possibly wear a whole new outfit every day…I’m just not put together like that) and I’ll show you how I style it. For the first edit, I thought I’d make it easy on myself and start with perhaps the easiest item of clothing to style of all time- black jeans.

The Jeans

A few years ago you wouldn’t have seen me dead in a pair of jeans, black or otherwise. Honestly. I was a short skirt kind of gal, if you couldn’t see what I had for breakfast that day (a comment that was made my many disgusting people) then apparently I wasn’t buying it.

My two favourite places to buy jeans are; Topshop- obviously, and FashionNova, OMG FashionNova are amazing.

These are mine.

You can buy them here.

**As always, not affiliated I don’t believe in that

Day 1

This Monday I miraculously found time to straighten my hair, I have no clue as to how. Uusually I wake up at 5:45am and go work out OR (recently more likely) I roll out of bed at 7:30am and rush to work. A.K.A in terms of my hair most of the time, quite literally- I woke up like this.

I have a love/hate relationship with this shirt, sometimes I am FEELING it, other times I feel like a frumpy mum in it. Today though, I was loving it!

It’s from Nasty Gal and you can buy it here!

Day 2

This hair is more like it. On a side note, this is ANOTHER top that I sometimes love and sometimes hate; why does half of my wardrobe consist of things I can’t stand?! Sometimes I think I look cute, other times I feel like I look like a flouncy princess (it’s the sleeves).

The main reason I love it though is because I can throw it on in the morning and it looks okay and as we’ve established I am laaaaazy.

It’s from SheIn, and you can buy it here!

Day 3

On Wednesday I usually have events at work so I always wear all black to trick myself into thinking that I look professional.

This blouse is from Asos, and you can buy it here!

Day 4

I was trying to be edgy today and wore 2 tops on top of one another.

Now I have an issue, the grey vest is something that I found in a random bag of my things in Joe’s parents loft so I have zero idea where it’s from, which I realise doesn’t help you or this article very much at all. I treid to find a similar one, but after looking at a whole 2 websites, I gave up.


You can buy the black turtleneck from literally any shop in the world. Mine was from Forever 21 and you can get it here!

Day 5

Fri-yay! By the time Friday swings around I am usually pretty exhausted and definitely cannot be bothered to look in any way presentable for work, hence the hair and tshirt the size of a tent.

The top is from Romwe and you can buy it here.

Have you checked out my Romwe haul yet…No? What are you waiting for, check it out here!

What are your favourite things to wear to work and where do you buy them?

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