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A weekend in the Lake District

This Easter was a special one; not just because it was a bank holiday (although it was largely to do with that) but because it was also my mum’s birthday. If you’ve read my blog before, then you will know that I very rarely have the ability to sit around and relax; it’s just not me- so naturally I had to do SOMETHING on my 4 day holiday.

I haven’t been to the lakes since I was a child and I’ve been dying to go back for a while now, it was one of the places I would sit and fantasize about when I was living in a dirty, cockroach ridden skyrise in Thailand. For all those not from England; the Lake District is; England’s biggest national park, a Unesco heritage site, holds the country’s highest mountain and is basically the nicest place in the entire country (FACT, not opinion). Whether you live in the UK or are a tourist, the Lake District should be right at the top of your list of places to visit; if I can get just one tourist to stop going directly from London straight to Edinburgh I’ll be happy. There are cool places in England outside of London you know!

The Lakes are absolutely massive, well, for England standards that is, and there is so much to do it’s pretty difficult to know where to stay and what to do. Well, fear not avid travellers! I had the PERFECT long weekend in the Lakes and if you take my advice you’re sure to have a fab weekend as well.

Day 1

  • 12pm-We arrived in The Lakes on Friday at around midday. After a 2 hour drive from my house, we checked into our hotel in Windermere. If I were you, I’d recommend staying on Bowness-on-Windermere it’s pretty much central Lakes. There are bars, nice restauraunts and lot’s of family friendly activities to do.
  • 1pm– We went for lunch at my favourite place, Graze. I’ll write a post later on about the food here, talk about vegan heaven!
  • 2:30pm- Next we visited the Beatrix Potter museum, if you’re a fan of this children’s author, fake stuffed animals or botany- this is the place for you!
  • 3:30pm- After this we went for a walk around Lake Windemere- well, part of it, because it’s huge. We wandered around the town first and looked around some of the boutiques (who am I kidding?! We ramsacked every charity shop in sight!). Then we had a stroll over to the cruises, had some chips…yes I’m aware we literally just ate 2 hours ago, watched kids feed the ducks, ate some beaut vegan ice cream and explored a little more.
  • 6pm- We went back into our town of Windermere and ate at a nice little Chinese Restaurant- Magic Wok. As I said, more on food later.

*I was so busy filming my vlog (spoiler alert), settling in and being an excited child I completely forgot to take photos of day 1. Use your jindernagan (imagination in Thai)

Day 2

  • 10am Breakfast, at my favourite cafe- Graze
  • 11am Next we drove to Sawrey via the drive on ferry to visit Hill Top farm
  • 1:30pm After Hill Top we headed to Hawkshead village, we visited a vintage fair, another ice cream shop and enjoyed sauntering around the twee little village.
  • 2:30pm Next up we drove to Coniston; we watched a dog sail on a boat around the lake and nipped out of the car for photos- it was very cold
  • 3pm Then we were on our way to Grasmere to discover Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread a.k.a the tastiest, most delicious foo to ever exist in the history of the planet. Also it’s 100% vegan, if you don’t get some you’re CRAZY!
  • 5pm We drove back into Bowness-on-Windemere and ate some tasty Indian food.

Day 3

  • 9am Coffee break in mum’s room for present opening to celebrate her birthday
  • 10am Breakfast at, you guessed it, Graze
  • 11am Then we went to Co-op and Taylors of Bowness to stock up on lunch supplies
  • 11:30pm A drive through Kirkstone Pass- absolutely stunning, you HAVE to go here
  • 12pm After that we drove to Ullswater to hike up to Aira Force waterfall
  • 1:30pm Picnic on the glade!
  • 3pm Back in Bowness-on-Windermere for a coffee stop
  • 4pm We took the Yellow cruise to Lakeside and back again, pretty good but absolutely FREEZING!
  • 6pm Next we ate Thai food to celebrate mum’s birthday

Day 4

We went to Booth’s- the most fancy supermarket I’ve ever seen for breakfast goodies before piling back in the car and driving home.

There is absolutely so much to do in the Lakes, from hiking, to sailing, to kayaking, to sightseeing. You simply HAVE to visit here.


Have you been to the Lake District before? What was your favourite thing to do?

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OMG i love the lakes, literally the best thing hiking around. Your photos are the best, looks like you had so much fun.


I love hiking and the Lakes is one of my favourite places to go too. We’re staying in Hawkshead later this year. Last year we stayed in grasmere. It’s just such a lovely place 🙂

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