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My Anti-Bucket list

4 months after returning from Thailand, (and a trip to Belgium and Germany thrown in), I feel like I am finally ready to think about travelling again. Living in SE Asia for a year, although the most incredible experience of my life, was equally exhausting and I returned home feeling a little fragile and deflated. With a stomach condition, I find it extremely difficult to look after myself properly on the road and after getting into a really good routine lately, I don’t want to risk becoming ill. Having said that, I still want to peruse my dreams of seeing the world, though maybe in more bite size chunks this time.
My only issue is, I want to see EVERYTHING…and I want to do everything too. When I think about travelling, I think about; studying for a masters in Barcelona, Budapest or Prague, visiting Israel or going to Jordan, hiking Machu Pichu, relaxing at a health retreat in Ibiza, hiking in Hawaii, seeing the Northern lights in Iceland or jumping across the pond to South America. I seriously need to CHILL. When I think about travelling, I come across as an excited little puppy, I can’t get my thoughts straight, I just want to go everywhere, experience everything and I want to do it now.
There are so many things I want to do, I thought it would be easier to first rule out the things that I don’t! (It wasn’t). It took me absolutely aaaages to figure out what I would rather die (bit dramatic) than do…but it eventually did come to me.
If you haven’t yet read my bucket list, then click here to read it! I present to you, my ‘anti’ bucket list, things you simply wouldn’t catch me EVER doing in my lifetime.

7. See the Pyramids in Egypt

When I was younger I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt. I loved the idea of Pharaohs, The Sphynx and hieroglyphics and would long to see the Ancient Pyramids. Now, not so much, because they’re a dump. I’ve seen photos of the Pyramids, plastic bags and rubbish hurtle around in the wind, the city is built practically on top of them, children climb all over them and there is a KFC right outside them. Not for me thanks. The Pyramids took decades to build by 100,000 slaves who’s lives were lost to build these structures, I think it’s crazy the pyramids can be treat so badly.

*Photo saved from


6. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef

I would LOVE to lean to scuba dive. Since living in Thailand for a year, I’ve grown an immense obsession with snorkelling and being in open water. My issue is, that mass tourism is KILLING the Great Barrier Reef to the point of extinction. If we carry on the way we are, in a decade or two the Great Barrier Reef will no longer exist, at all. I for one don’t want to be even a smidge responsible for killing one of the most naturally beautiful things on our planet.

PC: The NY Times

5. Drive down Route 66

I couldn’t think of anything worse than hopping in a convertible and heading down Route 66. Don’t get me wrong, I want to explore America more; I would love to go to San Francisco, New Orleans, Oregon and Colorado. But Route 66 is my idea of hell… we have motorways in England and I don’t want to spend weeks on end driving up and down them for fun.

PC: Mr Smith World Photography


4. Go to Dubai

Dubai is a place I have never fancied going. Usually, I think if somebody gave me a free ticket to anywhere in the World then I’d probably take it, even if I didn’t really want to go there…I mean come on, it’s free. If however, someone gave me a free ticket to Dubia, I’d probably turn it down (or sell it). I don’t quite know what my issue is, I guess I don’t like the fact that it’s a luxurious metropolis built on oil profits and extortion, I’m not a huge fan of modern cities (especially those built in the desert) and I simply don’t agree with some of the Middle East’s values.

Any place where a woman gets arrested and sent to prison for 16 months for being raped and then reported to the police (this actually happened- her name was Marte Deborah Dalelv) is NOT for me.

I am a feminist, why in my right mind would I want to go to Dubai?!



3. Ride an elephant

Or zoo, or Tiger Temple, or Crocodile Farm or any place that exploits animals. I’ve seen first hand the damage done to elephants after a career giving elephant rides. They’re beaten, they’re scarred for life, they’re damaged from sunburn, they’re backs and limbs are broken and they’re scared (plus, google the Crush and you’ll never even think of hopping on their back). Elephants are giants and granted are very strong- BUT not strong enough to carry a 1 tonne metal throne, a number of people AND a mahoot for 12 hours a day, every day. Have some compassion, don’t ride an elephant.

Visit a sanctuary if you want to get up close with these beautiful animals, though do your research on those as well- some cruel things can happen there too.

PC: GoThailandTours


2.Go on a cruise

I couldn’t think of anything worse than going on a cruise. First off, they’re hella expensive, you have to dress fancy for tea every night, you don’t get to choose how long you stay in a place (or how quickly you leave), they’re full of old people and you can’t escape- unless of course, just jump overboard; something I definitely would do if I was stuck on a cruise for 2 weeks.

When I travel, I prefer some adventure. Yes I may sometimes complain about the overnight buses, the smelly trains with cockroaches in the toilets but it’s part of the experience and I don’t want to lose that

PC: Explorer with Ed


  1. Go to Seaworld

It’s funny that when I was younger Seaworld was THE thing to do. Everyone wanted to swim with dolphins or see Shamu. Luckily, in the past few years, tourists are opening their eyes and being more conscious about the effect their actions can have whilst on holiday. Thanks to the likes of Blackfish and similar documentaries (if you’ve not watched them, I highly recommend to) the horrors captive sea life have to endure has been told to the masses. As a vegan, animal lover and rights activist you wouldn’t catch me DEAD at Seaworld, and I hope you all follow my lead. Swimming with dolphins isn’t cute, watching ‘trainers’ ride on their backs is demoralising and seeing them locked up is heart-breaking.


What would be on your Anti-Bucket List? Is there anywhere you have been or have done and completely regretted it? Is there anything on my list you think you can change my mind about?

Let me know in the comments or email me at

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Beau Bazar

This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Gave me some great ideas!


Punta Cana. I went and while the beach is beautiful the people were rude and the food had us sick to our stomachs.


A big one for my Anti-Bucket list would be Zoos!


Every single one of these I agree with! It REALLY frustrates me when people try to justify their reasons for doing it as well, especcy riding elephants. Stick to your guns girl!!!


It’s crazy how there are so many places I would love to visit, like you, but at the same time they’re getting ruined by tourists! Such a shame.


This was such a good read! Nice twist on the usual bucketlist/goals posts, in term of what you DO actually want to do… when you said about a health retreat in ibiza I suggest a yoga retreat! Jayne becca does one in ibiza & although I haven’t been myself it looks amazing & the ultimate chill! x

Archie and the rug

There are quite a few I agree with on here

Pyramids I keep thinking maybe out at the valley of the kings but tbh the political situation keeps me away at the moment

With you all the way on the rest x

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