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Romwe haul- is it worth it?

Romwe practically stalks me. It’s all over my Facebook adverts, I see it on Instagram, Youtubers are wearing Romwe- but it does beg the question, is it legit?

I gave in to pressure and had a look at their website; unlike Wish or Ali Express, the website looks pretty good. The images match, the models look great and I guess it could be compared to Missguided, Pretty Little Thing or Boohoo. Let’s address the elephant in the room- how is Romwe so cheap?! I did some digging and discovered that it was a Chinese site, which in all fairness should have turned me off right away, so why didn’t it?! After coming home from Thailand a few months ago I am in desperate need of a new wardrobe as I got rid of EVERYTHING before I left…and I don’t think the tiny shorts and crop tops I brought home are going to cut it in this cold snap. Romwe is so cheap that I could buy a huge haul for only a couple of hundreds of pounds, this is the place where you get more bang for your buck!

The second I woke up on pay day morning I hit checkout on my Romwe basket which totalled £126.31 (strange total I know). For that price I got; 1 pair of pyjamas, 8 tops, 2 cardigans, 2 jumpers, 2 dresses and 3 skirts- 18 items in total. Crazy right, that’s an average of £7 per item, which is mental.

So I placed my order on the 21st Feb and by the 28th I’d received my two parcels (which annoyingly turned up separately on two different days) which I didn’t think was bad at all, in all honesty I was expecting it to take MUCH longer. I have previously ordered from SheIn (is SheIn actually the same as Romwe? Some of my Romwe clothes had SheIn labels so who knows?!) and that took around 3x as long.

So let’s cut to it, what did I actually think?

(Disclaimer- I’m 5 foot 9 and a size 8)


I’m obsessed with this top! It’s pretty good quality, and is really similar to other ribbed crops I have from New Look and Asos.

It cost me £5.32 and it’s a size Small.



I’m really not a fan of this cardigan- it was so much smaller than it look online and it was so itchy. The fit was bizarre, especially around the sleeves. Get a larger size if you’re after a more oversized look.



I wouldn’t actually mind this Tshirt…but it says Tomato on the sleeve. Lesson learnt; next time, pay attention to the pictures.

One Size Fits all (apparently)



This skirt, is okay I guess, it’s just nothing worth shouting about.

It cost me £6.41 and is a size S.


The top is made from a really strange fabric, it’s also a really shiny silver. I thought it was going to be a knitted style and it’s not, it feels really cheap.

£5.24, size S



I’ve not taken this top off since it came. It’s so comfy and is amazing to wear when I’m feeling bloated or want to lounge around. It is a strange fabric- almost lycra which is quite bizarre but it’s pretty nice overall.

One size- £6.56



I’m obsessed with this jumper…on paper. I love the salt and pepper speckled colour, the chunky knit and the roll neck. BUT, the quality of it is terrible. If you stretch it, it stays stretched and it doesn’t have any real shape of it. I really wanted to love it and I’m kinda mad that it look pretty good on camera.

One Size- £13.93



Again, another top that I like in theory. I LOVE love love the colour, but the fit and the style just isn’t me.

Size S, £5.72



These two are a huge NO!

The vest top is made from the thinnest material ever, the deep V is far too low and just looks generally cheap and nasty.

One Size- £4.92

I fell in love with this chunky cardigan online- but this looks completely different, so much so I thought it was something different entirely. The colour is different and the fit is so bizarre I don’t get what it is. Such a shame!

One Size- £12.97



This is for sure the nicest thing I ordered from Romwe and I think I’ve worn it every single day since it arrived. I’m obsessed with the colour and it is so different from the jumpers I see on the high street.

One Size- £13.20



This Tshirt is the Romwe item I’ve seen the most- although it’s usually on 13 year old girls, I still think its pretty cute. I got it in a medium so it would be oversized but it’s not actually that big, I’d get it in a larger size if you wanted it to be more baggy.

Size-M £4.81



I would show you a better photo of these pyjamas…but they were reeeally short so it would be very inappropriate. I’m so annoyed because these are so cute. I am quite tall though, so petite girls- these are for you!

Size S, £8.74



Why did I order this dress? I mean seriously. Why on Earth did I order this dress? It looks like something I would have worn when I was 15,  but it looked kinda cool on the model…but I can NOT pull it off.

£6.23, Size S



Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I LOVE THIS DRESS! This dress is everything I wanted and so much more, I loveeeeeeee it! I can wear it for work or if I want to look super sophisticated when I go out (which is basically never!)

£10.20, Size S



Nope! These skirts were SUPER short. Short for me, and trust me, I wear a hell of a lot of mini things. Everything at Romwe seems to be pretty small…maybe because it’s directed at pre-teens. But if I’ve learned one thing from this haul, it’s that if you’re tall trousers and skirts and long things in general are not for you.

Checkered, Size S, £6.23

Pink, Size S, £6.45


So out of a total of 18 items, 12 are going straight back to Romwe. Now, I’ve got to take this with a pinch of salt because it’s really not often I like every single item I get delivered- no matter the brand. So I’m pretty happy keeping a third of my goods and of course I can only speak for the stuff I ordered.

Now, that’s not to say Romwe isn’t amazing, as I certainly don’t think is it. Most of the stuff I received was utter rubbish- the quality was terrible, it looks and feels really cheap (maybe because it is) a lot of it was just okay and some of it was pretty good.

I’m not really the kind of girl that would sacrifice cost for quality, style and aesthetics. Frankly, I’d rather put my money where my mouth is and spend that little bit more for quality clothes. I’m not a bargain bin kind of girl and until recently I would run screaming in the opposite direction of a sale (perhaps I’m a little traumatised from when I worked at River Island when I was a student). BUT, if you’re willing to put in the work, scrutinise every image, read every single review of each product and really weigh up the pro’s and cons, then maybe, JUST maybe, you may find a few pieces of gold.

Long story short though, I’d give Romwe a big thumbs down. There are other cheap sites like Boohoo, like Pretty little Thing, like In the Style that you can get better quality gear, get delivered more quickly and have a more straight forward returns policy…which I’ll get on to now.

If you do want to return and item (and I’m fairly certain that you will) you first have to ‘submit a ticket’. Log in to your account and submit a ticket saying you want to return an item. In the box you need to select your order and type in all the SKU’s of the items you want a refund for, then submit your query. Up to 24 hours later you’ll receive and email with a prepaid label (which the Post Office will question you about for 5 minutes because it just doesn’t look legit) and further instructions on what to do next. You have to click on your unique return link you from the email, check a box for each item you want to return and submit again. Once you’ve taken your parcel to the Post Office you need to make sure you take a photo of your reciept, go back on to your account and upload the image to the return. Then around 3 weeks later you might just get your money back. Easy?! Not really.

My honest advice, save your money, and shop elsewhere.

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I love how thoroug this review is! I will totally take it into consideration next time I shop online, thanks so much!!



I’ve shopped at Shein before and reading the reviews before purchasing has helped me a lot!!



I See this website everywhere. I love when people review their stuff! Thanks for your honest opinons!


For a moment there I actually read “thumbs up”. Your review is very thorough & informative.


I love that you posted this!! I always want to order from romwe but I’m always scared! Haha


So much buzz about these sites! Thanks for doing an in-depth review. Even if you can find some ‘good deals,’ I’m HIGHLY skeptical about their ethics. Won’t be supporting some shady fast fashion any day soon


The tomato one cracked me up! 😀


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