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Home Sweet Home

All I’ve done, pretty much my entire adult life, is save money. When I left university I put everything I earned into interrailing around Europe, when that was over it was onto the next goal- travelling around South East Asia. It feels a little strange to not have anything to work toward, not have anything inspiring me to put away each penny, to be able to spend money on things I don’t necessarily need and not feel guilty about it. I’ve decided to live the rest of my 20’s a little selfishly, pretty soon I’ll have responsibilities and won’t be able to blow my wages on 100s of pairs of Gymshark leggings (which is what I do at the moment). I’ve moved out of Joe’s parents and now rent the most beautiful house in Huddersfield, so beautiful that if someone had shown me photos of it a few months ago I would never have believed it could be mine.

It’s funny, putting down roots was something that would have made me feel physically sick a year ago, yet now all I want to do when I get home from work is get snug in my little nest- how things have changed.

A few of you have been asking what I do with my life these days and this is it; I work, I come home, I spend money like a 20 something and don’t apologise for it, I laugh and I love. Here are a some photos of my cute little home, if anyone is around Huddersfield then hit me up I have a spare bedroom.

Lot’s of love xx


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