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Back on the radar

Hello world…I’m back!

Firstly, I guess I owe you guys an explanation. I came home from Thailand exhausted; both mentally and physically and needed a break from the life I was living. Honestly, my life was a bit of a dream and I was in desperate need of a reality check and some normality restored to me. (poor me right?) After a while I got sucked into the humdrum of every day life in England and hit a wall with my writing; I wasn’t working, I wasn’t travelling, if I’m completely honest I wasn’t doing much at all-I was totally uninspired.

My entire brand is rooted on the basis of travelling the World…and I’m no longer travelling, so where does that leave me? After coming back home my feelings about travelling completely shifted in an instant, I was done. Not done like I was after backpacking around Europe, but for real this time. I’m enjoying spending more time with my family, I have my own house which I love and a new job which excites me- I am actually pretty content being settled in my own little bubble; a thought that would have made me sick a few months back. My stomach is healthy, I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m actually really happy.

I’ve actively avoided having anything to do with WhereKatieGoes for the past few months; I’ve not logged into my site, I’ve ignored your messages and I’ve skipped past my Instagram. Why? I guess you could say I’m ashamed, and maybe a tad embarrassed. I was a girl on a mission, the big I am, the Peter Pan girl who would never grow up and would never return home to England…only to run back with my tail between my legs a year later. These days, society tells us if you’re not travelling then you’re boring, you’re a square, you’re too normal. Let me tell you, travelling is hard work and is definitely not what it’s cracked up to be. You get food poisoning, you get language barriers, you get heatstroke, you’re filthy all the time, you get home sick and you spend every penny you’ve ever earned. Don’t get me wrong; I loved travelling with every fibre of my being, but sometimes intense love affairs such as this one dim, you break up, you get over it…and that’s just what I’ve done. I’m grown up enough to now know that I don’t have to travel to feel good about myself, I don’t have to travel to feel like I’m better than anyone, I don’t have to travel because I’m young and society tells me it’s what I should be doing and I don’t have to travel to feel like I’m interesting.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I love to write, it’s my passion and it keeps me sane, why on Earth should I stop doing it because I’m no longer living half way across the World? So if you stuck around and read my posts because you were solely interested in seeing my cool as fuck photos from around the World- then you may be a little disappointed as these posts may be few and far between (but not obsolete, I still want to see the World, just in shorter bursts this time around. Since I’ve been home I’ve been to Belgium AND spent a week in Germany at the Christmas markets which I need to fill you in on). BUT if you followed me for my winning personality, outstanding sarcasm and my astounding ability to be right about near enough everything then watch this space…there’s plenty more to come.

Much love from wherever I am (which is with my feet firmly planted on Yorkshire soil) or perhaps a little more apt, whatever I’m doing!

Katie xx

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In this journey of life its all about finding and knowing oneself, isn’t it? And yes, life’s not just about travel.Keep writing!

Jennifer Russell

Awww baby girl,im only a message away.. Xxxxxxxx

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