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25 things I’ve learned in my 25 years

25 years ago yesterday afternoon; at 10 past 2 to be exact, I was born, weighing a heavy (my mum calls it healthy) 8lb 12oz. I have now reached the halfway mark of my third decade in this world and am an adult; I mean I’ve officially been an adult for some years now, but today it really hit me… I am in my mid-20’s. When I was younger, I had an idea that I would have my life together at the age of 25; I would be married, I’d own a house, I may even be pregnant with my first child. This may be the case for some friends of mine but in actual fact I’m unemployed after returning from pissing about in Thailand for a year. I am grateful that my life has turned out the way it has but I am infinitely less wise and less sorted than I anticipated when I was a young girl.

Nevertheless, I have picked some things up whilst stumbling through life for the last almost three decades. Let the list commence…

1. Exercise is good– Gone are the days you can eat cheesey chips every single night and still look banging on the beach. Working out makes you feel great AND look great in our new old age.

2. Money comes and goes- Money shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your life, it comes and goes so if you’re not earning that much right now don’t worry about it.

3. Everybody should travel for long periods of time- Get out of your comfort zone, see the world and experience some culture other to your own. It opens your mind, makes you a more interesting person and gives you something to talk about with strangers.

4. Abandon your expectations- Who cares if you’re not married, have babies or own a house yet? In my eyes, these things are a little overrated right now anyway

5. Find something you’re passionate about and work on it- Get a hobby, or work towards a job you know you’re going to love. I get it more than anyone; job hunting can be tough, especially when going after your dream job. Practice now, do a masters degree. Just find something you love and go after it.

6. Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy- Turn off the bad film, leave the awful party, why wait?

7. Learn to love yourself- If you don’t, who will? You’re stuck with yourself for the next 50 years at least! Be your own excellent company

8. If friends don’t have your best intentions at heart, it’s okay to dump them– life is too short and all that, toxic friends are useless.

9. You do you- Don’t let peer pressure get to you; don’t feel like you have to do something just because everyone else is and alternatively don’t feel alone doing something nobody else is doing. Go with your gut and you do you.

10. Try to save a little money-  Money does come and go, try save a little for when it goes. Living from paycheck to paycheck won’t do you any favours, don’t be silly and buy a flash car you can’t afford, don’t get a credit card and don’t live beyond your means.

11. Your body is a temple- Maybe smoking 20 a day and drinking a litre of vodka like you used to in early adulthood isn’t the best idea anymore.

12. Talk about how you feel- Mental health is SO important, open up to people and tell loved ones how you feel. The stigma surrounding this is dumb.

13. If you haven’t already, learn to drive- I was a late bloomer to this but it has changed my life, just get it over with.

14. Stop dissing the good guys- We all love a bad boy when we’re young, but it’s the good ones who will still be there the next morning. Give them a chance.

15. Sometimes a dance and sing can solve issues- Get in your kitchen, crank up Justin Timberlake, forget about everything and have a boogie.

16. Health of the body and mind are paramount– of yourself and loved ones, everything else is just background noise.

17. Everyone is on their own journey- No two people are the same, it’s what makes the World interesting, their decisions aren’t yours to judge.

18. People don’t care- People are fickle, vain and don’t care about you as much as you may have thought when you were younger. Throw away your inhibitions and stop worrying about what other people may say or think, chances are they won’t notice anyway. Feel liberated and do as you please.

19. Your mum is your best friend- You may have missed this as a teen because you were too busy terrorising her, but your mum is your best friend, your number 1 fan and your biggest ally. Chances are she’s already been through everything you’re experiencing and may actually have some sound advice if you open up to her.

20. Learn to forgive- Holding in pent up anger will do you no good. Try and let go.

21. Don’t play hard to get- If you like somebody, speak up and don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, Life is too short to play games.

22. Care about something- Care about the environment, about politics, about feminism, about anything. Learn what’s going on in the world, speak up, stand up and own up to your parts played.

23. Shopping for stationery and interiors will excite you- maybe even more than clothes shopping…that’s okay.

24. You’re still young- You still have time to change your life if you want to; end your unhappy relationship, drastically change your career path. Don’t settle just because you think you should be settled.

25. You’re never going to have all the answers- Gone are the days when I thought I would hit a magical age where I would suddenly become an all knowing person. I will always struggle with big decisions and need advice. Life is a risk and that’s part of the fun; yes I will become wiser and more experienced but that will come from jumping into the unknown. Try something new, if it turns belly up at least you will have learnt something.

Much love from wherever I am


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A Very Happy Birthday to You, Katie! And wishing you all the very best in everything you do!

Pigeon Heart

these are great. You’re a quick learner! (;
You’ll forget and remember and forget and remember these lessons from time to time. I do. Smart to have it written down to help bring it home.

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