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I’m home James!

I am back in England. I’m home James (my mum used to say just that every time we walked in the door when I was younger. I have no idea why, I used to think she was talking to a ghost). I mean technically I’ve been back in England for over a week I just made the decision not to write about it until now. I had had enough of Thailand a while ago and whilst I miss some parts of it (the heat and the food mostly) I am surprisingly happy to be back in my home country. I experienced jet lag properly for the first time which really wasn’t fun; I felt almost drunk and constantly in a daze, although I’ve gotten used to the cold much quicker than I initially expected.

I left Thailand for lot’s of different reasons; ones that I’m not going to bore you all with right now, but I must say it’s lovely to be back in the land of friendly people, changing seasons and actual, real life smiles- unlike my former temporary home. Never one to sit around and do nothing; Joe and I have got a car, I’ve met my baby niece, I got a job interview, joined a new gym, booked a holiday to Belgium, booked a holiday to Germany and binged on; Great British Bake Off, Made in Chelsea and Louis Theroux- quite the productive week if I may say so myself.

As it stands, I have absolutely no idea what the future holds, all I know is that I’m excited to finally be able to explore my on back garden so be prepared for lots of UK posts. I want to see more of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, I want to go to Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, I want to go to Brighton and visit my uncle in Cornwall (hint hint Uncle David!). Yorkshire countryside is so dreamy, I’m so excited to be living in the centre of it again. All I know is, for now at least, I’m perfectly happy right where I am.

Much love xx

Photos from my most recent trip to my favourite place in the entire world- Yorkshire Sculpture Park


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