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It’s a jolly holiday-Hua Hin

All I seem to be doing lately is apologising for not writing enough, or forgetting to update my social media blah blah blah. Today is the same. For the past 2 weeks I have been settled in the fanciest hotel I’ve ever been in my life (more on that later) in the beautiful coastal town of Hua Hin, which is around a 3 hour drive South of Bangkok. Joe’s dad and sister came to visit us and after not seeing them for almost a year, our family holiday has been keeping me pre-occupied and has distracted me from writing. In all honesty I’ve been too relaxed to write; writing usually calms me down, it soothes me when I’m too fidgety, it focuses my chaotic mind- Hua Hin has been so peaceful it’s not really occurred to me to write- so for that I apologise. My blog isn’t a twitter feed ‘today I went to the pool’, ‘today I went to the beach’. If I had decided to write this is exactly what it would have been, because other than spending amazing quality time with my family, we’ve not really been up to much.

If you’re wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, if you’re done partying on the islands, if you’re wanting to visit somewhere a little off the beaten track, if you’re after white sand beaches and clear blue seas, if you want a taste of luxury and want to stay in a 5* resort- Hua Hin is for you. (Top tip- if you’re going in rainy season, watch out for the jellyfish, there are TONNES of them).

Here are some ideas on how to spend your time in this peaceful seaside town;

  • Clock tower night market (Every day, buy typical Asian souvenirs, clothes and food)
  • Cicada night market (Fri-Sun, craft market- handmade gifts, clothes and art. Plus there are BBQ skewers and PIZZA!)
  • Wildlife Friends Foundation (See my post about it here!)
  • Vana Nava water park (See my post about it here!)
  • Phraya Nakon Cave (Go to the temple in the cave at precisely 10am to see the light shining down on it)
  • Sam Roi Yot National Park (Hire a driver for the day to take you to the park and the various attractions in it; Phraya Nakon Cave, Marshlands, Forest walk, Mountain Viewpoint and the beach.- Just make sure he knows where he’s going first, ours drove around for 3 hours looking for it- absolute nightmare).
  • Phra Nakhon Kiri Royal Palace (About a 1 1/2 hour drive in local minivan to Petchaburi. See my post about it here!)

Much love from wherever I am xx

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