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What vegans eat- Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan was possibly THE most vegan friendly place I’ve ever been to; which honestly came as quite a shock. From the moment we stepped off the ferry and bumped into a small vegan cafe where we had the most delicious lunch, I knew we’d come across a winner. Unfortunately for me, I only visited this beautiful island for 3 days so I wasn’t able to visit all of the places I wanted to (more reason to return), but we did find some incredible food. These were my personal faves…


Eat co. 2

Thong Sala

Eat Co 2 (the original venue is in Sri Thanu on the opposite side of the island) was my oasis. I stepped off a 4 hour ferry, which followed on from a 9 hour night bus and a 2 hour wait at the ferry port…Eat Co 2 couldn’t have appeared at a better time, I almost didn’t believe it really existed- I kinda thought it was a mirage for a while. This explains my lack of photographs… I was too delirious to put my blogger brain on and think ‘erm maybe I should take a photo of this food just in case’, that thought didn’t cross my mind.

Eat here for super green and detox smoothies, all day breakfast, huge quinoa salad bowls, amazing hummus and a relaxed atmosphere where you eat your food cross legged on the floor. The only down side is that it shuts late afternoon so you can’t eat your tea here (insert crying face emoji here).

Soul Organics

Phantip Market- Thong Sala

Soul Organics is tucked away in the back in Phantip Market’s food court and sits right beside my all time vegan place (but I’ll get to that later). Although the food really wasn’t anything to shout about here; if you’re looking for a cheap meal, this is the place to be. Soul Organics sells incredibly cheap Thai food- Pad Krapow, Fried rice, mixed vegetables etc. They do have some really delicious bliss balls- try the peanut butter ones, Aroi Mak.



Thong Sala

Dots, although not completely vegan, is a cute, hipster hideout cafe on one of the main streets in Thong Sala. Wanting a quick pit stop and caffeine break from scooting around all day I went in expecting to buy a black americano. Dots serves not only soy milk but almond milk too and a lot of their syrups are vegan also, so I went for an iced caramel latte with almond milk and it was honestly the best coffee I’ve tasted (take that Starbucks!).


Green Gallery

Sri Thani

Sri Thani is the vegan oasis of Koh Phangan and unfortunately for me (sobs silently) I wasn’t staying in that area. On our final day in Phagnan we hopped on a scooter to explore the island which obviously for us meant a dinner break in Sri Thani, with so many places to choose from Green Gallery came up trumps- mainly because they have a pet duck who waddles around the gardens and loves to cuddle the owner.

Head here if you like; Cheeseburgers,Asian salads, falafel and hummus, green power smoothies, mashed potatoes, kebabs- pretty much any delicious food you can think of. On Friday’s they also host a small party set with camp fire, live music, food, drinks and again a pet duck…what more could you ask for?



Phantip Market- Thong Sala

The best for last. Capana is my dream food stall. I ate here every single night of my stay and that is something I NEVER do- I’m always dreaming of trying something new, here I was dreaming of working my way through the menu. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious and the owners are wonderfully lovely.

Eat here if you want; exotic salads (try the burmese salad it’s fantastic), tofu or lentil burgers, chips like your nana would make, avocado sandwiches, vegetable soup that will remind you of home, scrambled tofu, stuffed peppers, herbal tea…honestly the list is endless- just promise me you will eat here, you will NOT regret it.

P.S- make sure you try the desserts- the choco rice mousse and the banana muffin are to die for!


Much love from wherever I am xx

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