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Living in a Dreamworld

This weekend is one of two weekends we have left in Bangkok alone. Pretty soon the cavalry of friends and family arrive and the little peace and quiet we do have will cease to exist (if you’re reading this though, we are incredibly excited to see you all). Gone in a flash, we are also officially finished teaching our students at Raj Pracha Samasia school in Phra Pradaeng; we have 2 weeks on English camp to complete and then we are done and moving on. How crazy is that?!

Next term, we are moving 17 hours South of the capital; meaning no more big city life for us. The next 2 weekends are checking off items from my imaginary Bangkok Bucket list; Dreamworld- Bangkok’s own theme park, was the very top of my list. Pretty much the only Western tourists there; Dreamworld for some reason doesn’t prove popular and I want to change that. (Kinda, I mean more tourists would mean having to queue for rides…but I still want more people there all the same).

Dreamworld is in Rangsit in the North of the capital close to Don Muang Airport and future park. How to get there? You can either catch the 188 bus from Mo Chit (very irregular, I’m not sure if this mythical bus even exists) or like we did hop on any bus that says Rangsit and catch a cab from future park. The journey will cost you no more than 100 BHT. If you live in Thailand, like me and have a work permit also like me then you’re in luck- for once you get the pay the Thai rate (how rare and oh so exciting!) Meaning for only 500BHT you can enter the park and ride as many times as you like; you get to go on the bumper cars, watch the 4D movie, experience Alien invasion, creep around the Haunted mansion and see the Wonders of the World for no extra cost!

Dreamworld; set like a Bavarian toy town is equipped with; fairytale castles, cinderella pumpkin carriage, Giant’s house, cottages made from vegetables, a Hobbiton village, cable cars, a water park, a sightseeing train, a man stuck in the ground (confused? Check out the photos below) and a bunch of exhilarating rides thrown in. I was in my absolute element; to me, this literally was Dreamworld.

If you’re looking for something a little different to the usual tourist hot spots in Bangkok- Dreamworld is definitely worth exploring.


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