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My Ultimate Bucket List

The more I travel, the more I yearn to be on the road. The more I open my eyes, the more I long to see. The more I learn, the more I wish to know. My bucket list pretty much involves in seeing as much of the World as possible within my lifetime…but that doesn’t make for an interesting post does it? Creating this list was pretty merciless but when I think about the sights below; they’re pretty much the only things that I’m making my MISSION to do before I kick the bucket. Let’s make it even more interesting- let’s see how many I can check off before I hit 30 (the age where life is practically over anyway…kidding…kinda). I have a little over 5 years times to do as many of these things as possible- sounds like a challenge. Let’s see how I get on.

P.S Don’t thank me for the amazing photos of my bucket list- it goes without saying that I haven’t done most of these things yet so can’t take pictures of them myself. PC’s are below.

1. See the Northern Lights- Iceland


 PC: @eventyr

To me, Aurora Borealis is the most wonderful, most beautiful natural occurance in the world. I have dreamt of seeing the Northern Lights since I was a little girl- so much so I always used to call my dolls and decided my daughter would be call Aurora (although I think that was more Sleeping Beauty than the Northern Lights).

2. Visit The ancient city of Petra- Jordan


 PC: @erubes1

The wonders of the world haven’t ever particularly appealed to me; I’m not in a hurry to see the Great Wall of China, nor the Pyramids of Egypt, nor Christ the Redeemer. Petra, however, is special. There’s something mysterious and wonderfully magical about this ancient, hidden city; carved into rock and hidden in the desert that pulls me in like a magnet.

3. Climb Mt. Fuji- Japan


PC: @atsutsuii

I used to hate the idea of climbing a mountain, I used to hate the idea of doing any form of exercise at all. In the past year or so I’ve began to test my boundaries and whilst doing so, I realised that LOVE to hike. Mt. Fuji is the ultimate prize for me right now and I dream of winning that trophy whilst I’m on this side of the world, in this neck of the woods.

4. Hike Machu Picchu- Peru


PC: @nomadasaurus

Do I really want to do the trek or do I just want to snap a selfie with a Llama? I can’t really decide, but either way, it’s on my list.

5. Go Whale Watching- Alaska


PC: @gary_j27

When I was a small child I always wanted a pen pal; all of my friends had them but for some reason my mum wouldn’t let me have one. As a consolation prize, she let me sponsor a Dolphin through the Whale and Dolphon Conservation charity. I’ve been obsessed with both of these amazing creatures ever since.

6. Go on an African Safari- Kenya


PC: @Roshan41561

Who doesn’t want to go to an African Safari? For years I’ve dreamt of being like Danny from Wild at Heart; I would be so excited to watch another episode of my favourite TV show as a kid. The show finished years later but my dreams never did. Now to book a room in Samburu Elephant Camp or the Giraffe Manor.

7. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail- USA


PC: @Pacificcrest.trail

As always, I’m going to be real with you. It’s pretty embarrassing but here it goes…. I only heard about the PCT from the movie ‘Wild’ and I have thought of little else since.

8. Swim with wild pigs- The Bahamas


PC: @theswimmingpigs

This is pretty much right at the top of my list and has been ever since I even thought of creating a list in the first place. Once I’ve swam with these little piggies I can die a happy girl. Pigs are one of my favourite animals; they’re so cute, so intelligent and are definitely NOT FOOD!

Checked off items

11. Climb an active volcano- Indonesia

There is no doubt about it; volcanoes are AWESOME! My friends all know because I have this conversation with them a LOT; volcanoes are my favourite natural disaster. (Not in an insensitive, they can kill lots of people kind of way, in the way that spitting lava and hot ash is really cool to watch in a film). Ever since I visited Pompeii I was amazed by the devastating effects volcanoes could have; naturally I wanted to climb one. Not a dormant one though- an active one. Honestly; the thought that Mt.Bromo could erupt at any given moment didn’t cross my mind once whilst climbing up the side of it.



12. Visit and Elephant Sanctuary- Thailand

When I first decided that I was coming to Thailand;  an elephant sanctuary was my number 1 must see and remains to be the most incredible day of my life. Please don’t ride these gentle giants, visit a sanctuary and feed them watermelons and give them a bath instead.


13. Climb the Tatra Mountians- Poland

This is going to sound a little silly; but climbing the Tatra Mountains was definitely not on bucket list whilst I was doing it…only after. I got tricked into climbing them by Joe whilst we were in Poland and whilst they were possibly the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen- I really didn’t appreciate them. I was so unfit sweat was dripping down my forehead so much so that I couldn’t stop and admire the views- I couldn’t even see them.


14. Visit all 4 fashion capitals of the World

This one has been extremely long in the making and was something I first set out to do when I was a little girl. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion and has been something I’ve been in love with since before I remember- I used to lie in bed and promise myself that I would get to see these places that ooze fashion, they were my Mecca, they were the pinnacle of who I was. It doesn’t even matter that I would never go back to two of these places and that once I got there I was so underwhelmed I felt as if I could cry. It is this item on my list that ignited the travel spark within me; at the time, I had no idea how much it would alter my life forever.

London: Hey, I’m English- I’ve been here more times than I can count. 

New York City: February 2011

Paris: February 2013

Milan: August 2015



15. Visit a medieval city- Czech Republic

I’ve always wanted to see a place that felt like stepping back in time. I wanted somewhere that was authentic, somewhere real, somewhere perfect. It’s always been on my list but I could never find somewhere suitable…until I stumbled into Cesky Krumlov- Czech Republic.


16. See the Colosseum- Italy

Whilst planning my European backpacking trip I had 2 must see’s- 1 was the Trevi Fountain, the second was the Colosseum. When we got to the Trevi Fountain it was closed for maintenance- I coudn’t even get a glimpse of it. Distraught; I pinned all of my hopes on the latter. The magnificent Colosseum really is breath taking, you can’t possibly imagine the effects it has until you stand before it. (Just be sure to book your tickets online so you can jump the 5 hour long queue).


17. Walk along the Sky Gardens- Singapore

I wanted to walk amongst the alien-like trees ever since I watched a documentary about them on TV. They’re so foreign looking, so iconic, so unique- there’s nothing quite like them anywhere else in the World.


18. Get lost in Venice- Italy

Venice is sinking; who knows how long it’s going to stay afloat. I wanted to be a part of history and get lost amongst the countless canals now before it transforms into the new Atlantis.


19. Swim with bio-luminescent Plankton- Cambodia

Call me stupid but I didn’t think bio-luminescent plankton were actually real. Like the Loch Ness Monster, unicorns and mermaids- I thought this particular kind of plankton was made up; how can it be possible to swim with these Sea fairies? I was still a little hesitant when I jumped into the blackness of the sea in Koh Rong- Cambodia…and then I danced with the fairies for as long as my limbs would hold out.

20. Walk the Ancient City walls- Croatia


A huge Game of Thrones fan, I wanted to channel my inner Cersei Lannister and walk the Ancient city walls of Dubrovnik- Croatia; working on my battle plans and deciding who’s head I should chop off next.


What’s on your bucket list? Have you done any of mine and convince me to change my mind? You might have been somewhere I may not have even thought of! Let me know in the comments or contact me here! 

Much love from wherever I am xx

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Beautiful Post , loved the pictures

Heather Schlueter

Wonderful list! And you’ve already done so many!!


The ongoing issue of the list growing quicker than I can tick things off. I had to give up on having a bucket list because it just became unmanageable, although trekking to see mountain gorillas is still the number one thing in the world I want to do!!


Hi ! Which city are you talking about when you say you felt a bit ‘underwhelmed’ ?
And I’ve already been on the Dubrovnik Old Walls, in Venice and in the Collosseum as well ! A place that is not on your bucket list is Ireland, and I think it should be 😉

Spirit Yoga Foundation

Beautiful post. love your photos again. know about meditation and sprituality of life and how to live spritual life visit our site hope you like it and informative for you

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