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Why you should start blogging

Truth be told, I’m feeling a little unmotivated and uninspired to write today. I’ve had a bit of a ‘nothing weekend’; I caught up on errands that needed attention, I went shopping for bits and pieces I’ll need for school next term and I lounged around in bed all day watching films. I know- it sounds nothing like me. I found it okay, but I had no adventure, nothing new to discover, nothing to feed my curiosity or creativity… so naturally I’m feeling off today, rather sluggish, ancy, fidgety and tired.

Writing a travel blog; although incredibly fulfilling can prove to be, well, a bit of a bitch (excuse the language) sometimes. When you’re travelling from place to place; eating mouthwatering foreign cuisines, seeing wondrous sights of the world and experiencing things you couldn’t have ever imagined; blogging is easy. It’s when you’re not when things get tricky. I imagine a romance novelist can cook up an entire narrative after she’s had a hot and steamy romp with Jonathon- her boss, after they stayed to work late to meet a tight deadline. But what happens when things have all dried up, Jonathon has gone back to his wife and she’s stuck behind her desk staring at a computer screen for hours on end, writing about the time somebody sat on her hand on a bus; except that’s not sexy in the slightest. Slight tangent; but that’s exactly how I feel.

Uninspired. BUT! Light bulb moment- it occurred to me; what do we do when we can’t experience things ourselves? Use our imagination of course…or just live through other people’s thrills. Want some drama? Watch a Soap Opera. Want some action? Watch a porno. Want some travel inspiration? Read some travel blogs. So I turn to you my good friends and trusty readers- Despite everything I’ve previously waffled on about in this post (and let’s face it, that’s pretty much all I’ve done) it’s time for you all to start your own travel blog. I get a stream of constant emails of people telling me its their dream to write but they haven’t go the guts…this is YOUR shot! Fulfil me! Let me gorge on your tales of swashbuckling and horsing around. Still not convinced? Let me lay it out for you; here are my reasons why you should start that travel blog you’ve always wanted to write.

P.S- If you have a particularly great story to tell; send me an email at, I would love to here it AND may even feature it here on my website if I like it (I’m easily impressed, so I’d say you stand a pretty good chance).

You’ve always wanted to

You love to travel; I hear you. You love giving people advice (they may think you’re a know-it-all but I know you’re only showing off just a smidge) I hear you. You don’t know where to begin. I’m hearing you loud and clear. It’s time to take a deep breath and a running leap of faith and just GO FOR IT! I know it’s scary, I know you’re really putting yourself out there but trust me it’s worth it. Don’t be the person who doesn’t do anything for themselves, don’t be the person that puts their dreams on hold because of fear. You owe it to yourself to do anything you like whenever you like. I know you want to, just give it a test drive.

It’s okay that it’s all about you

Coming from a girl who has an entire website named after herself; I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to sound your own horn every now and then. So often we get pushed down; told we’re arrogant, we’re know it all’s, we’re showing off, we’re proud. Damn right I’m proud of myself and damn right I believe in myself with every fibre of my being. That’s perfectly okay, it’s perfectly healthy and I recommend it. It’s about time us women stand up and shout out loud that we love ourselves. If you’re worried that people will put you down for being a little self-indulgent and writing about your experiences I can promise you they won’t. If they do, you’re standing too tall to notice.

‘Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.’

It’s a great way to catch up with loved ones

It can be infuriatingly difficult to catch up with family and friends whilst travelling; you’re on the other side of the world; there’s a huge time difference, you’re hardly ever in one place. Most of the time, my parents just want to know that I’m safe and happy. A travel blog is the perfect solution to this issue. My mum is my number one fan and reads my blog on a daily basis; she calls me asking me about things I haven’t even told her but she’s read on my site. My family know exactly what I’ve been up to and if we can’t get in touch straight away then they know I’m okay. My loved ones adore following me on my journey and I’m sure yours will too- you have a pretty incredible story to tell so why not share it?

You get to write down your amazing memories

If there’s one thing I really regret, that’s not starting blogging earlier. I was exactly like you were a few years ago; dreaming of starting a blog but not plucking up the courage to do it. I spent an incredible 3 months backpacking Europe in the Summer of 2015 and it would have made for great reading. I could write about it now but it wouldn’t really be the same. Why? Because I struggle to remember the details. The intricate, sparkling, nuggets that truly make a piece of writing great. The quirks, the kinks, the inside jokes I can’t see them as clearly 2 years on. Sure I can tell you about Ljubljana- Slovenia; where to go, what to do. But can I tell you in clear detail the drunken night I had in a canal-side bar where the DJ was dressed as a sailor? Probably not. BUT I could have done had I blogged about it at the time.

It’s therapeutic

Writing is my truest form of therapy. It calms me when I’m stressed, it brightens me when I’m sad, it allows me to see things clearly, it let’s me think something through before I make any rash decisions. When I write, I think of ways I can best explain a situation, a story or a concept to my readers; I break things down, I change the order, I fit the details into a little jigsaw puzzle. When I’m done, things miraculously make sense to me, as if somebody has de-cluttered my mind. All I’ve done is thought of something in a different light, but the change of perspective means everything. Trust me, when you start writing you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Your advice is invaluable

It may not seem like it to you, but your advice is truly invaluable. You have experienced wonders other are yet to; you can offer information on where to stay, what to do, things to avoid. The best thing about it is that unlike most travel agents; you have actually ‘been there, done that’. I bet you’ve made mistakes; let these be lessons to other people. I bet you’ve found hidden gems that are nowhere to be seen in guide books; uncover them. I bet there are places you would never go back to again; steer people away from this path. You really don’t understand how great your knowledge is; it will only grow greater once shared.

‘Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.’

That’s a wrap. If you’ve made it this far I commend you. If you’ve made it this far and STILL don’t start the blog you’ve been going on about I’m ashamed in myself for not convincing you otherwise. IF I have twisted your arm, contact me HERE if you want any help with starting up.

Much love from wherever I am (which right now is in bed)

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:)) Nice story. I also find myself with lack of inspiration, however seeing the pictures of the places I have traveled to is a always a good start. They give me some kind of inspirations. And then slowly, maybe not all at once the article comes up.
And yes! it’s therapeutic most of the times. And when you put it all together and the story comes to live, it’s a great feeling.

Here is also my travel blog, would love to share inspiration and have your support as you have mine.


Definitely worth blogging, especially at a time like ours. It helps to be reminded of the reasons why one should blog. Itโ€™s truly about making the time to create moments for yourself and your loved ones; writing a blog entails of so much detail and opportunities. I understand that it can be quite difficult sometimes to not find the time to blog, but at the end of the day, itโ€™s the most important aspect of living if you genuinely enjoy writing. Great post WhereKatieGoes, Iโ€™ll be following you for now on to catch up on some of the updates you… Read more ยป
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