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What’s in my bag?

I am one of the nosiest people you will ever meet; I just can’t help myself. I am the girl who will be twitching the curtains when a fight breaks out in your neighbourhood, I’m the girl who stalks the ‘oversharing’ school friends on Facebook to see who is getting divorced, who had an affair and who is pregnant and I’m the girl reads countless ‘what is in my bag’ posts on my favourite bloggers websites.

So I thought it was time to share my own; don’t give if you can’t take right? So if, like me there are any overly nosey girls reading this- I feel ya, this one’s for you!

I would LOVE to be a light traveller…but the sad truth is that I’m not. I have tried, I’ve left the house without any belongings before and I felt really lost. What if I saw something amazing that needed photographing? What if it started raining or was suddenly 45 degrees? What if I bumped into Leonardo Dicaprio and he fancied a snog but I hadn’t packed my chewing gum? (A girl can dream) My light packing dreams are over and I’m totally okay with that- like a girl scout, I’m always prepared. Here’s a list of some of my Thailand, day trip essentials. Make notes- some of these are VERY useful!



1. Camera(s)

I have 2 cameras; a compact (Canon Powershot SX700HS) and a DSLR (Nikon D3300) and they are the Yin and Yang to my life. Contrary to popular belief, YES I do in fact need two cameras. My compact is so easy to grab on the go; it’s zoom is incredible as is it’s auto focus so for things like; Elephant sanctuaries, monkey caves and taking photos whilst moving- it’s pretty much the perfect camera- it’s also amazing for recording videos. My DSLR is the all rounder- it’s small for a DSLR so doesn’t take up too much space- it’s kit lens is great for wider angles and my 35mm is amazing at, well…pretty much everything; night shots, detailed shots, portraits- you name it.

(Wondering why my DSLR isn’t pictured? Well I was taking the photos with it…and forgot I needed one of it too. So use your jindernagen- Thai for imagination).

2. Phone

My phone is absolutely terrible and if I could leave it at home I absolutely would. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5- it’s camera is dire, it is incredibly slow, the battery life is hopeless and it crashes on average once every 10 minutes. BUT I can’t afford a new one, and I need it to check the news and read emails on the go.

IF (and you definitely should) follow me on instagram @wherekatiegoes_ and love watching my instastories- most of these are taken on Joe’s phone as his camera is incred and I am extremely jealous of it.

3. Headphones

My AKG wireless headphones are the best things since sliced bread. I’ve had them for ages and they are slowly beginning to wear which is ruining my life a little bit.

4. Kindle

As far as essentials go, this is pretty much at the top of my list. Being the bookworm that I am; I read literally everywhere; on the bus, in bed, in the park, on the beach, on a train, on the toilet (too much information?) at my desk…I think you get the idea. When I travelled Europe I only took real books with me; after I finished I left it at a book exchange (most hostels have them) but towards the end of my trip I was running out of things to read; the exchanged barely had anything left in English and what they did have I didn’t want- it was a bit of a nightmare. This time round I have hundreds of books at my fingertips- I just need to remember to charge it, which being me, I never do.

5. Laptop

My laptop is my life. It was an extremely expensive gift from myself to myself (technically it was from the tax man, but still). I am obsessed with my Windows Surface Pro4. It’s screen is so high quality and is perfect for editing pictures and videos; if you mainly use your laptop for creative tasks I would HIGHLY recommend a windows surface- I am no way affiliated with them, BUT if anyone from Windows is reading this…I will accept a free laptop as a good will gesture.

The basics

6. Purse & keys

Need I say more? I carry a coin purse as well as an ordinary one…a bit like an old lady. I always need coins to use Songthaews (public transport in Thailand), for random bits from 7/11, to use the launderette or to refill my water bottles. My normal purse is always right at the bottom of my bag and for the land of smiles- people here can get a little impatient- so I always have my coin purse handy.

Food and drink

7. Water

If you don’t carry water around with you in Thailand you will die- of sweat, of heat exhaustion, of thirst, of embarrassment for not carrying water with you. Consider this a public service announcement.

8. Snacks

As a vegan with Crohn’s disease (as well as generally being greedy) I NEED snacks. I always carry something around with me; albeit very small- usually a bag of nuts or dried fruit will do the trick. (If you’re ever in Thailand; Tong Garden nuts are dreamy).


9. Blanket

When I say ‘blanket’ I actually mean a large square of thin cloth- I just don’t know what else I could call it. How about bath towel/ beach towel/ cardigan/ blanket/ picnic blanket/ sarong/ dress/ cover-up/ shawl? That is literally every thing I use this ‘thing’ for- it cost me 100BHT from the market and you should get yourself one pronto.

10. Lip balm

The Sun dried my lips like there’s no tomorrow- Vaseline Cocoa Butter is my personal fave.

11. Hand sanitiser/ baby wipes

Thailand, is not a clean place. Thai food, is not the cleanest thing to eat. You are going to get sticky hands (especially if you work with kids). Always feel safe in knowing you have these precious items with you at all times. Trust me, you will get sick here within the first few weeks, let’s try eliminate that risk.

12. Chewing gum

Like I said earlier…what happens if I run into Leonardo Dicaprio, we quickly fall in love and my breath isn’t fresh?!

13. Rain jacket/ fan 

These two juxtaposing items perfectly sum up life in Thailand- one minute you will be scorching, the next you’ll be soaking.

By rain jacket, I really mean ‘fancy bin bag’. Pick these up for around 20bht from any 7/11 and you can buy fans from most markets.

14. Padlock

You just never know. If you’re staying in a hostel, most don’t provide locks for their lockers. If you want your valuables to be just that, and not go walkies then make sure you bring a lock to keep them in one place.

15. Sunglasses

I never actually wear mine, they’re always on the top of my head but they’re essential never the less.


Oh I almost forgot about my bag. I have so many it’s becoming a small addiction. Pictured here is my Fjalraven Kanken I picked up in Bangkok, I also have an Osprey lite day pack and a small, handmade, bamboo backpack I bought in Siem Reap.

What essentials do you put in your pack? Let me know in the comments or send me a message here!

Much love from wherever I am





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Philippa Scholz

I love the way you right, you have a way with words which makes it fun and entertaining to read as well as being informative! My top tip for travellers is a carabiner hook-it came in handy SO many times!

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