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Like mother, like daughter

‘As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones in my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot imagine a life without her.’

My mum means everything to me; she is my best friend, my soul mate, my dearest love. She’s been my shoulder to cry on from grazed knees to broken hearts, she’s the only person that can make me feel better when I’m sick, she’s the person I immediately think of when something good or bad happens, she copies my clothes and I love her the same, she’s been the only constant in my life and will forever be irreplaceable to me. Leaving her behind 8 months ago broke my heart.

This week, after almost a year of counting the months, counting the weeks and counting the days…my mum came to visit me. This week has been the best in Asia so far and I doubt it could ever be topped (until she comes back for Christmas that is). I felt like a child again; I was no longer an independent adult living half way around the world, I was a girl again, following her mother around like a baby duckling would. We laughed until our bellies hurt, we cried until our eyes ran dry, we walked until our feet ached, we explored, we travelled, we gossiped, we ate, we shopped, we swam, we sunbathed, we celebrated and we made memories I shan’t forget in a hundred lifetimes.

Stuck for ideas on how to entertain your family in Bangkok? Here’s a summary of our itinerary;


AM: Get lost around Chatuchak market

Lunch time: Taste all of the delicious street food Chatuchak has to offer

PM: Snooze in Chatuchak/ Queen Sirikit park

Tea time: Pig out on Mexican food at Sunrise Taco followed by drinks in Patpong


AM: Cycle around the beautiful Ancient City

Lunch time: Thai food at the floating market

PM: Take a late night stroll around Asiatique

Tea time: Share some Indian food at Siam Indian- Asiatique


AM: Soak up some Sun around the pool

Lunch time: Try some new dishes in local, unheard of restaurants

PM: Fancy yourself a bit of a Houdini? Try the Escape rooms in MBK

Tea time: Eat whatever your heart desired in MBK food hall


AM: More lounging around in the Sun (this is Thailand after all)

Lunch time: grab a fresh fruit shake from a street vendor and a quick bite while you’re at it

PM: Head to Indy night market for a local experience- just watch out for the rain

Tea time: home cooked Suki at MK restaurant


AM: Back to work for me means plenty more sunbathing time for my sun-worshipping mother.

Lunch time: Delicious school-cooked veggie lunch for me

PM: My school let my mum come in and watch me teach. Lots of fun for my P1’s and P3’s who gained a new white person to antagonise and play with.

Tea Time: May Veggie home for the tastiest vegan food you’ll ever experience. Bacon wrapped mushrooms, mashed potatoes and 2 desserts for me! (It was mine and Joe’s fifth anniversary so I’ll let myself off)


AM: Did you guess? Yep, watching the world go by from the poolside.

Lunch time: More school- cooked lunches

PM: A quick dash to Mo Chit bus station to catch the van to Ayutthaya for the weekend

Tea time: Tony’s for thai food and the best banana in coconut milk in town, followed by drinks and live music with friends in Street Lamp


AM: Tuk Tuk tour of Ayutthaya’s temple ruins

Lunch time: Pad Kapow and watermelon shakes at a local place

PM: Catch the minivan back to the crazy capital

Tea time: A quick pit stop at my favourite restaurant; Broccoli Revolution for Green power bowls, tofu satays, burgers and curries.


AM: A brief lie in, a mixed fruit smoothie and a gossip on the sofa

Lunch time: Back to MBK food hall after dropping suitcases off at the FREE luggage point

PM: A shopping spree at Platinum mall and we say our goodbyes

So there you have it, a super chilled week well spent with my loved ones. We spent so much quality time together and made life-lasting memories, I couldn’t think of any better ways to spend my days. I’m counting the days until my love comes back to me, only this time to spend the Christmas holidays with me.

With love from a forever mummy’s girl, wherever I am.


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I’m planning a mom and daughter trip this november too! Loved reading this! #gltlove

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