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Pretty in Petchaburi

Planning my weekends away are getting more and more difficult as each weekend passes by; why you ask? I feel as if we’re running out of places to go. Now don’t take me too literally on that; Thailand is a very vast country and there are whole sections left undiscovered by myself; I’ve only briefly visited the North and I’m yet to set foot on an island (Koh Chang most certainly does not count). Having said that; you can only go so far on a weekend trip away; I don’t want to be spending countless hours travelling to only do the same back home and then realising you spent 90% of your weekend on a bus.

Plus; I’ve come to the realisation that it’s incredibly difficult to research into places to go in Thailand. Bloggers from across the globe can tell you how amazing Krabi is, how life-changing visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai is…but not much other than that. So I’ve made it my mission to go off the beaten track a little bit and find some unusual holiday destinations that are perfect for a weekend visit. Starting with this one…Petchaburi.

You may have heard of Petchaburi before; people often take a day trip to this province when sunning it up in Hua Hin, though they mainly visit Cha-am beach- we went to Petchaburi town. This town was unlike any other I’ve seen in Thailand; in that it was beautiful. Thailand is a naturally beautiful country; it’s luscious jungles, it incredible beaches and its giant mountains are to die for… but the town’s themselves are a little, well, ugly. Not Petchaburi though- Petchaburi is pretty and very cute. It’s little alleyways are jam-packed with quirky bars and restaurants, the brilliant white Chedi is constantly your main focus when you look along the horizon and the building are clean looking and nicely painted.

Petchaburi was hands down my favourite weekend away to date; even more so than tourist hotspots Ayyuthaya and Kanchanaburi, There is plenty to see and do here- my only must see is the palace on the hill, it’s absolutely beautiful and looks as if it was taken from Europe and plonked down in Thailand- just watch out for the angry monkeys.

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