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" /> Nakhon Chai Si- what a legend! – Slice of Kate

Nakhon Chai Si- what a legend!

After an amazingly speedy 3 day work week (thank you bank holiday) Joe and I took the 45 minute minibus ride to Nakhon Prathom town- Nakhon Chai Si to visit two of our lovely friends who had offered to put us up for the weekend (Shout out to Sophia and Bekka- you’re amazing!)

As always when I visit my friends’ towns I get overwhelmingly jealous that I’m not living there as well- Nakhon Chai Si was no different. The small, quaint town was incredibly peaceful and so quiet, you can wander around the town without getting covered in dust from busy roads or inhaling exhaust fumes with every breath (plus you can actually WALK around, what a luxury!), there were so many trees I felt like I was in heaven and I couldn’t stop repeating the phrase ‘this is so nice!’ when we took a scenic stroll to their local temple. The temple was bloody beautiful and like nothing I’ve seen in Thailand which is pretty crazy for a small, local town. The intricacy in the details were everything; the place was literally perfect and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

After a day of culture we headed to Nakhon Prathom for tea and drinks- we ended up rolling in at god knows what time after losing ourselves in a crazily huge Thai night club. Joe made a new friend who he stuck with all night; communicating only through google translate on his phone, we stopped the live band to get everyone to sing happy birthday to said stranger, the band gave a shoutout to us ‘farangs’- how could she not? We were the only people dancing, and I sang along to a song in Thai which I know only because my kids play it so much. After 3 bottles of rum, countless beers, a strawberry jam toastie and a couple of ice lollies later a taxi finally picked us up to go home- what a legend in Sophia’s words, which she later translated into Thai and chanted it to him the entire ride home. Needless today, everyone was feeling a little rough the morning after.

Literally the most fun I’ve had in ages! I am so in love with my kids and I adore teaching in my school, but I am counting the days until the term is over so I can move to a location where I actually feel at home. Somewhere I can spent time outdoors, somewhere we can whizz around on a scooter without the fear of being knocked off in heavy traffic, somewhere which doesn’t drive us round the bend with incessant car horns and, somewhere which has trees and is lovely and green. Nakhon Chai Si- I am coming for you next term-Sophia, prepare for your new roomies.


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