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Who let the dogs out in Ayyutthaya?

This weekend I had planned to have a quiet, boring one where I spend little money, don’t really leave my apartment, catch up on sleep, run errands and save up for Pattaya next weekend…those who know me know that I can’t do boring or relaxing. So we decided to spend a couple of days in Thailand’s ancient capital; Ayyutthaya instead.

This week was possibly one of the most boring weeks ever; for the past month I’ve been wishing for a lesson to be cancelled, hoping for an extended assembly or the monks to take over class so I could chill in my little fridge (a.k.a my lovely air conditioned classroom). Well folks, be careful what you wish for…seriously. I teach for 25 hours a week; which is a hell of a lot in comparison to my friends; this week however, I taught for 10. 10?! That means for 15 hours I was sat in my classroom watching the apprentice reruns on Youtube. Snooooooze. The thought of a boring weekend after a boring week was making me depressed, so come Friday afternoon I was scouring the internet for ideas and ended up begging my friend Ollie to let us crash with her in Ayyutthaya.

When I envisioned living in Thailand, I imagined spending most of my time outdoors, going for walks in the park, having my friends around me, going to bars and eating in local restaurants…not living on a dual carriageway like I actually do. Ayyutthaya was how I imagined my life would be, so I spent the whole weekend being INCREDIBLY jealous of my friends who live there. Ayyutthaya is most famous for it’s ancient ruins; they’re pretty cool and my friend Ollie lives in the middle of the UNESCO heritage park- how crazy is that? You literally walk out of her apartment and there are temple ruins, lakes, trees everywhere…it was like stepping into a fantasy land.

Ollie had pretty much convinced me there and then that I should move here and teach next term; I was ready to call my agency and have them place me here, I was ready to look for an apartment, I was ready to call this place my new home…and then I was almost attacked by 2 dogs. The dogs in Ayyutthaya are vicious and they’re EVERYWHERE! All my friends had dog stories to tell, some had even been bitten by them! When walking around at night they carry umbrellas or sticks to chase the dogs away, when walking home from the bar we were followed by multiple packs of stray dogs, most of them growling and barking at us in the process. Ayyutthaya is amazing, it’s incredible and I would recommend it to everybody visiting Thailand. BUT I feel like I wouldn’t be comfortable walking alone at night and the dog situation would always be in the back of my mind…so the hunt for a place to move next term continues.

Huge thanks to Ollie, Stef, Alana and Michelle for being fantastic hosts last minute and entertaining Joe and I for the weekend; you guys are the best, we had the most amazing time!

Much love from wherever I am,


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