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Wednesday 21st June. A truly momentous day. This was the day that I got paid from my teaching job and in turn the day I stopped living from my savings. It took me a year to save up enough money to solely depend on for 6 months- which I don’t think is too bad. For help with ideas on budgeting check out an earlier blog post of mine here!

So the real question is…in 6 months of backpacking, how much money did I actually spend?

Flight to Thailand- £340

(Aeroflot airlines, connection in Moscow. A lot of people told us bad things about Aeroflot, I never experienced any; they were great to fly with)

Vaccinations- £400

This is indeed a lot of money to spend on vaccinations. It is very difficult to find exact information on exactly what you need to be inoculated for. My best advice is to book an appointment with the travel nurse at your GP as EARLY AS POSSIBLE. I then booked an appointment with a travel nurse at Superdrug to get the courses I couldn’t receive free on the NHS. For more details on vaccinations see my previous post here!

Misc- £150

Included in this category is everything I bought to take with me on my trip before I left. Things like toiletries (mosquito spray, sun cream), clothes, a mosquito net and a new day backpack. This would have cost me more but I already had; a backpack, a sleeping bag and the majority of my summer clothes from my last trip travelling Europe.

Daily budget- £4500 (£25 per day)

I’ve been in Asia, living solely off my savings for 187 days- that’s an average of £25 a day. That £25 a day included EVERYTHING; all transport (flights, bus tickets, trains, boats etc), all accommodation, all food and ALL entertainment. This may not seem like a lot of money to spend in a day; sometimes it really felt that way. BUT it is possible to live on a shoestring budget- I’m living proof of it. That’s not to say we didn’t have an amazing time or spend money on excursions, we did- we went to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, we climbed an active volcano in Indonesia, we went snorkelling in Cambodia, We walked along the World’s longest suspension bridge in Malayasia. We were simply very strict with our budget and if we over-spent one day we under-spent the next. (Backpacking in a couple or small group can also prove to be cheaper than if you’re alone- sorry solo backpackers).

Total- £4,990

187 days. 6 months. Half a year. Under £5000. For absolutely everything. Need I say more?

Much love from wherever I am,


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