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It’s Britney, Bitch!

Yesterday was the day I’ve been waiting if not my entire life then certainly for over a month when I booked the tickets-I FINALLY got to see Britney Spears live in concert in Bangkok! I hope you’re all extremely jealous- I know I would be if I were you.

I have grown up listening to Britney, I used to recite her lyrics to my mum if I thought she was ‘overprotective’ (see what I did there?), I used to sing them at the top of my lungs at karaoke parties when I was a child, I would copy her choreography and perform routines to her songs at dance shows. Britney was my childhood, her later dance songs became my drunken jams at university and the older I get, the more I completely understand her meltdown fiasco- Britney, I got you girl. So I literally jumped at the chance when a friend of mine planned to see her live for her birthday, after an extremely stressful day and almost writing our plans off as a pipe dream, we eventually got tickets.

The show was inevitably and obviously amazing and was so much more than I could have hoped. The costumes were out of this world, the choreography was incredibly exciting and imaginative and the lip syncing was…very convincing (some were disappointed in this, I would have been disappointed if she actually SANG, nobody wants to hear that!). There were confetti canons, pole dancing, chair dances and at one point she picked a man out of the crowd and walked him like a dog across the stage…I mean, I have no words!

This concert was just one of many amazing things I’ve gotten to experience whilst living in Bangkok for such a short period of time; it’s blown me away how much fun I’m having here during the weekends. Teaching may not be my favourite thing in the world to do, nor is it my dream job, BUT without it I would have never had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream and I am so grateful for that. 10 year old Katie-YOU’RE WELCOME!



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