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A tourist in Bangkok

The idea of living in Thailand has been all I could think about for the past 12 months. Amazingly though, it was the mundane things that I have fantasised about the most; what would my home look like? Would I make any new friends? Would I pick up the language quickly? What would I do in day-to-day life? I thought living in a foreign country would be exactly that-foreign, unbelievably exciting, an adventure. An adventure it may be, but the foreign part has kind of worn off. Living in Thailand feels completely and utterly natural to me now, so much so it has begun to become a little too-ordinary, a little too-mundane a little too like normal life. Please don’t get me wrong, I love living here let me assure you of that, but for some reason I didn’t anticipate that settling in and making a home here would feel astoundingly ordinary-even though it’s blisteringly obvious to me now that it would. Shopping in a supermarket for groceries in Thailand is give or take pretty much the same as back home, cooking my tea; again is pretty similar and my daily routine is painfully becoming very similar as well.

Travelling the world is the best decision I could have ever made, but on some other level it’s also the worst. I may be more open-minded but I’m also fickle, noncommittal and capricious. I daydream about the next place or the next adventure and I’m never happy with what I have in the moment.

So I decided to become a tourist in my own town to trick my mind into thinking it was new. I’ve been to Bangkok more times than I can count; the first being 6 months ago, and now I pretty much travel to the capital every day. Having said that, I mainly travel for errands and pretty much gravitate towards Siam which pains me. This weekend I visited areas I didn’t know existed and experienced the capital like a proper tourist would.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise would usually be a place I’d avoid. When backpacking I would never even dream on wasting my money on what I’d see as a tourist trap- 400 bht to pose with some 3D art. How wrong I was- I paid the money, I gave it my all and I LOVED it. I had such a great afternoon exploring the labyrinth of this gallery and painfully trying to direct my friends into the right pose for hilarious yet extremely basic photographs.



China town is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit in Bangkok but never really had the opportunity to do so. I’ve always felt like I’ve had better places to see and seeing as Chinatown kinda in the middle of nowhere it practically takes up a whole day to get there and explore it. Nevertheless I finally took the plunge today and I wasn’t disappointed. Most capital cities have a Chinatown;  London and Singapore are my personal favourites. Many are a strip of Chinese restaurants and not much else; this certainly wasn’t the case in Bangkok. The architecture of the buildings were incredible; imagine 1920s American casinos and you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. These buildings were filled with tacky, bustling jewellery shops, traditional eastern medical centres and being frank- shops selling tat. After turning into a side street we were lulled into an open air market; tables piled high with fidget spinners, glass jars filled with sweet juice and real fur key rings. We delved deeper into the market for what felt like hours and emerged at the other side blinded by the Sun after shopping in dim lights.


Khao San Road

What can be more touristy than Khoa San Road? Nothing that’s what! To have a good night out it all depends on the people you’re with and how drunk you are, but some of the best memories can be made here. We visited during the day for shopping, because we were in the area and so Scottie could get her head shaved (she did a Britney! And it looks insane!) Khao San may have a bad rep but it’s nowhere near as tacky or rowdy as people make out; it;s actually quite tame.



Much love from wherever I am,

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