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Goodbye TEFL Heaven

I never realised just how difficult it would be to; take part in a full time teaching course, make new friends and socialise, spend time with Joe, keep in touch with family, move into a new apartment, prepare for a new career AND maintain my blog. Hence my blog has been suffering a little lately. I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you, please forgive me!

As I type this, I’m sat in bed at my new apartment which is a 20 minute drive from central Bangkok and I have just finalised my first week of lessons in preparation for my first day at school tomorrow. I know what you’re thinking- how can all of this be happening so quickly?! Agreed! Like I said, I’ve been ignoring all of you (completely unintentionally of course), so let me fill you in on the details. After 3 short but sweet weeks on the pretty island of Koh Chang I became a qualified TEFL Teacher, got a bamboo tattoo, made lifelong friends, was sick on the side of the road multiple times and won most likely to be in the Slytherin house (Definitely true).

I am now working at a small primary school in local town Praphadang, teaching over 600 students aged 6-12 years old. Do I feel prepared? A little. Do I feel nervous? I’m absolutely terrified! But I’ll give it a go and see what happens- don’t worry though, I won’t forget to update you all on the horrors and terrors of my first week, I’m sure there’ll be many.

In the meantime, check out some photos from my super fun time in Koh Chang, I’m kind of wishing I was still there-  mainly because I had no responsibilites and that I miss my Irish roommate a little too much.

18221958_10155306747037460_6488055485190435072_n18221959_10155306741462460_5584833832628319738_n18222257_10155306744242460_8697106080702951716_n18222341_10155306741647460_5829567533203683888_n18222390_10155306742342460_48274248085461246_n18222513_10155306744582460_4530618498294862478_n18238855_10155306742932460_8160950540231767562_o18268421_10155306745622460_3249024585750170274_n18268553_10155306743152460_4766883223483930066_n18274943_10155306741817460_5581475208073667999_n18275115_10155306741287460_5865714268845959178_n18275247_10155306745322460_4390783215933050513_n18300950_10155306744457460_5652544352279120174_n18300954_10155306749402460_6075401871772155496_n18301626_10155315568817460_2091166964473109948_n18301853_10155315568772460_749011212045726630_n18319253_10155306742632460_2561610818930056495_o18341815_10155306746792460_4826466446494251247_n18341862_10155306748227460_4839791564560113809_n18341898_10155315569317460_1238564284808389932_n18342449_10155306740737460_3886608238445954760_n18342575_10155315570067460_5035683767260367958_n18342785_10155315570507460_1032421325199270174_n18402627_10155315569752460_7814280691037343374_n18268590_10155308244507460_6187226223640188978_n (1)

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