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Happy Songkran!

Happy Songkran everybody!

I’ve left Cambodia and have now landed back in Bangkok, Thailand. This is where Joe and I initially began our trip so it feels very surreal to be back here. It’s almost as if we’ve come full circle and it actually feels like we’re home again. I love Bangkok, it’s one of my favourite cities so I can’t believe we’re finally here again- especially during Songkran.

It is now officially the new year so let’s hope year 2560 is better than 2559. No, don’t worry you’re not going mad-Thailand uses a different system to us Brits, so it feels a little like I’ve travelled forward in time. Unfortunately, even though it’s 2560 here there are no hover cars, no living under water and no teleportation machines (boo!). In fact it’s a lot like regular old 2017, how sad is that?!

So, how does one spend Thai new year? Well, you actually have a massive water fight with the whole country! Songkran is officially my favourite holiday; there is nothing better than escaping the 40 degree April, Summer heat of Thailand like getting ice cold water thrown over you. Thai children are absolutely ruthless and if they see a ‘farang’ (foreigner) they will make sure you are sopping wet. The water cleanses you of your sins and enables you to begin the new year pure- judging by how wet I was, I’m entering the new year as Mother Theresa!

I had clay wiped on my face, joined in all of the water fights…I even fell over and scraped my knee like a child in all of the excitement. The best part of Songkran is that literally everyone gets involved. Thai’s of all ages put on a Songkran shirt (think Hawaiian) and whip out their water pistols. Spirits are high and everybody has the best time during this fantastic holiday.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, you have no other option but to come whilst Songkran is in full swing!


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