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A Kampot guide

I feel like I am finally doing something on this trip! For the past couple of weeks all I’ve done is ‘relax’, I use the term loosely as in reality I’ve not relaxed much at all. I’ve laid on a beach, read a couple of books, swam in the Sea…but I’ve been itching to do more. I’m not a beach kind of girl, I love the city, I love the hustle and bustle and I love being busy-which is why I’m so glad to be actually doing something in Kampot.

Although Kampot is a relatively small town, compared to the secluded beaches of Koh Rong it feels as if it’s absolutely jam packed of possibilities and activities. So we hired a scooter for $4, which is the cheapest we’ve found anywhere in SE Asia and set off to see what we could find.

Bokor Hill Station is an old French colonial luxury mountain resort in the early 1920’s. Not only has the site been abandoned twice; the first due to the Indochina war in the in the 40’s and again in the 70s due to the Khymer Rouge, but 900 people also lost their lives during the construction of the resort-safe to say, this place is definitely haunted IF you believe in that kind of thing (which I absolutely don’t by the way). The 35km drive up the mountain was beautifully scenic-make sure you stop at the various checkpoints along the way to check out the view as well as keeping your eyes peeled for monkeys swinging in the nearby trees. At only 2000 Riel entrance fee (about 35p) it’s an absolute bargain! The abandoned colonial buildings were seriously creeps as expected, but were really interesting to roam around. I found myself tying to imagine what these grand structures would look like back in their prime and what kind of characters a swanky, hill side casino would attract. Hire a scooter, enjoy the drive and explore the endless abandoned, crumbling buildings along the way.

Also, just to gloat; we WON A PUB QUIZ. I’ve only ever won one pub quiz before but we cheated and googled almost every answer (I know it’s cheating but I’m possibly the most competitive person you’ll ever meet so I cannot stand to lose!). Well this time we didn’t use google, BUT our team mate was like a walking, talking encyclopedia so with his help- and my 3 correct answers, we brought home the win! Check out Magic Sponge whilst you’re here, they have brill live music, a pub quiz, movie nights and a $1 breakfast! You can’t lose with this place.


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