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The EU series (Part une)

All of this Brexit rubbish (apologies if you think otherwise) in the news lately has made me think of my European trip in 2015. In the Summer months Joe and I visited 16 countries in a whirlwind tour of the continent and it was the best time of my life. Exhausting and as stressful as it was, it made me realise that travel is what I want to do with my life.

There is no way that this trip could have been done without the privilege of free roaming that we have in the EU- and we could now lose all of that. I can’t believe as a nation we were willing to throw our relationship with so many countries down the drain and our chance to travel wherever we wish in Europe is now severely under threat.

SO THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! You need to explore Europe NOW…while you still can, before the hassle of visa’s and added cost slows you down- I promise you will not regret it. I know what you’re thinking there’s no way you could do it; you have no money, have little confidence and you don’t know where to start. Well I’m determined to help each and every last one of you experience the most beautiful continent in the world on a shoestring budget, in various time scales- of course the best time scale would be to move there and never leave but, sadly this isn’t possible for most of us.

I present to you…The EU series, which will act as a great, big, bumper pack of all the details you need to travel Europe. Starting with tips for some countries I visited-let my mistakes, down falls and bad habits be lessons for you which (fingers crossed) you won’t repeat.


P.s if you really want to make a difference, sign this petition to help KEEP the freedom of movement act! We want a future of bridges- not borders.

Stick with me, I’ll hook you up. Click the images below to be transported to a World of insider Europe knowledge or click the countries on my destinations section of my home page menu- need any more info? Comment below or you can email me via my contact page!


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