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Snooze-ville Sihanouk-ville

I’m feeling pretty uninspired right now, I feel as if I have nothing to write about, nothing to take photographs of…I think I’m experiencing a bit of a writer’s block.

The past two places we’ve visited in Cambodia haven’t been great. The first of which was Battambang (I prefer to call it Battenberg); the second largest city in Cambodia was generally nothing special, so we stayed for less than one day and spent over 14 hours travelling to arrive in Sihanoukville.

I was coming into Sihanoukville with some pretty low expectations I’ve got to say; people have told me it’s much like Magaluf- it’s dirty, it’s seedy, it’s party crazy. Honestly, I’ve found none of that…well it is a little dirty I guess, but hey, this is Cambodia; the whole country is a rubbish tip. I expected to see crazy beach parties, drunken tourists stumbling all over the place and to be honest; all I’ve experienced is a little bland, holiday resort full ex-pat retirees and sensible looking backpackers. More Benidorm than Magaluf in my opinion. Sihanoukville is BORING, boring, boring. I was honestly looking forward to the bar crawls, the party boats and seeing hilarious tourists make a fool of themselves, but sadly it was not to be here.

At the minute, I’m feeling quite bored. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia felt jam packed; I was always on the move, there was always an adventure to be had or a hike to embark on. My time in sleepy Laos has stolen all of my momentum as it was so ‘relaxing’. I hate relaxing; always have, always will. I simply cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes-reading a book on a beach may be your idea of heaven but I can’t stand it (which drives Joe crazy). I need to be up and doing something; I need to be doing something more exciting. So I’ve made a promise with myself that I’m going to make whatever time I have left of this month as jam packed as I can (this is Cambodia, so I might be setting myself up for failure here). Then I may finally be out of my writer’s block and I may be inspired enough to actually write something decent.

Here are the very few photos of Sihanoukville- nothing worth doing, seeing or visiting really. The beach is okay as far as beaches go I guess.


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