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What Vegan’s eat-Siem Reap

Siemp Reap is an absolute gold mine for vegan cuisine, it’s quite possibly the most veggie friendly place I’ve visited in a long, long time. The thing that I love about the food here is that a lot of it is traditional, authentic Khmer food…and it’s downright delicious. I only visited Siem Reap for a couple of days, but the food I tasted in that time was DAMN good! Here’s a list of some of my favourite places.

Chamkar House

Okay so Chamkar is probably the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the whole of Siem Reap- for good reason too. Located in the heart of the city, close to Pub Street and the Night Market, Chamkar is tucked away in a cute, European-like street, neighbouring craft shops, hip bars and boutiques. Chamkar isn’t the cheapest place in the world to eat, however it’s not as expensive as it looks either, and trust me, the food is worth every single penny. If you’re looking for a change from backpacker street food, then this is the place to splurge a little.

What Katie Recommends

  • The Wedding Day Dip- A creamy, peanutty dip served with freshly made, sliced baguette
  • Enchanted Garden- If you love tofu and salads as much as I do then this is the perfect dish for you. The olive oil dressing is fantastic and don’t get me started on the tofu- somebody please tell me how they make it taste so perfect?!
  • Stirring Curry- A tasty take on a Green Curry; a fantastic introduction to Khmer food- the spices in this dish are pure heaven.

Total Bill  1x beer, 1 x soft drink, 1 x starter, 2 x main meals = $15

Alley W, Krong Siem Reap


My Little Cafe

My Little Cafe is an omni restaurant located just behind the night market. It’s a popular place for backpackers-mainly due to the price, so it can get quite busy during peak hours. The food here is real, authentic, Khmer food and is downright scrumptious. This place served the best stir fry dish I’ve ever tasted-really, ever. My Little Cafe is a MUST!

What Katie Recommends

  • Tofu with Cashew nuts and veggies- The cashew nuts add a creaminess and a crunch to this dish, the Khmer spices make the tofu cubes taste AH-mazing
  • Caramelised tofu with Daikon- The best food I’ve tasted on this trip hands down. Please just try it.

Total Bill 2 x main meals = $5

Preah Sangreach Tep Vong St, Krong Siem Reap


Kang Le Restaurant

Kang Le is a small place ran by one lovely Cambodian woman. Don’t overlook this place because it’s a roadside cafe; it may look a little shabby but these places usually serve up the best food. The menu consists of just a few dishes but they all taste fantastic, the lady who runs this place is always smiling and will give you refreshing, home made ice tea free of charge when you sit down. Plus, this place is cheap, cheap, cheap so isn’t one to be missed.

What Katie Recommends

  • Literally anything on the menu! you cannot go wrong.
  • The fried Chinese Mushroom Kebabs (fried mushrooms on the menu) are delicious

Total Bill: 2 x drinks, 2 x main meals, 1 x side = $3.25

Road opposite Wat Damnak, Siem Reap


Gelato Lab

If you’re visiting Cambodia then the chances are, you’re going to melt in the heat- no dounbt about it. This makes Gelato Lab the PERFECT pit stop on a boiling hot Siem Reap afternoon. Alike Chamkar, Gelato Lab is located in the heart of the centre- its bare brick walls, banana leaf plants and exposes pipes make for a hipster heaven. Gelato Lab offers around 20 different flavours of ice cream and a handful of vegan sorbet options.

What Katie Recommends

  • Cioccolato- this 80% dark chocolate sorbet is literally to die for.
  • Chiang Mai Strawberry-Seriously refreshing for a hot afternoon

Total Bill; 2 x 1 scoop ice cream cones= $3

Alley W, Krong Siem Reap

Street Food

Although the street food in Cambodia cannot be compared to the likes of Thailand or Malaysia, you can find some seriously good vegan food for virtually no money. When exploring Pub Street you will soon discover that most stall are exactly the same; Fried ice cream rolls- no, Fresh shake stands- maybe later, Kam Nam Kro-definitely, Insects on a stick- definitely NOT! However, look beyond these and you’ll see some Khmer food dotted in between. Pick any of them, take a seat and enjoy some fried rice, noodles or vegetables for $1. Now that is good value!


Peace Cafe

Peace Cafe is set a little out of the city centre, but the walk there is beautiful- make sure you stop off at the Royal Palace gardens along the way. Located in an idyllic, wooden house in a peaceful (apart from the million Sicada’s buzzing around) gardens, Peace Cafe is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. This place also offers Yoga classes, free monk chats, free Khmer lessons and cooking classes. If you’re looking to spend a few hours out of the city- this place would be perfect

What Katie Recommends;

  • Fresh Spring Rolls- Always a winner
  • Khmer Red curry- light, creamy, aromatic version of this Asian classic

Total Bill; 1 x starter, 2 x main meals = $8.25

River Road Next To Ann Kau Saa Pagoda, Krong Siem Reap


La Pasta

La Pasta is only one of the many, many, many Italian restaurants in Siem Reap. On every street corner you will see an eatery with a Stone Baking oven outside; however, this is the only one in town which has its own vegan menu! Are you excited yet? I sure was. La Pasta offers a range of vegan twists on Italian classics; carbonara, lasagna, pizza (WITH vegan cheese might I add). My only reservations about this place is that it is quite pricey (usually $8 for 1 main dish) although it is western food so will always carry a hefty price tag. The portion sizes are also quite small which was disappointing. If you’re hankering for a pizza then this is for sure the place to go; if not, stick to the Khmer.

Total Bill; 2 x very small vegan pizzas $11

Krong Siem Reap


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