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Singapore-the Super city

Singapore is the best city in the world-fact (well not fact; my opinion but still). I’ve visited quite a few cities in my time; New York, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Berlin just to name a few; and none of them can measure up to Singapore. We spent a meagre 24 hours here, which definitely wasn’t enough for me, but definitely was enough for my bank balance.

I wasn’t even that bothered about taking a trip to this fascinating country, Joe was the one who was really excited about it. What could be so great about a concrete jungle, where I’ve heard everything is really expensive? Well, Singapore is a combination of everything I love; it’s really diverse- there’s little India and China town to explore, it’s one of the greenest cities in the world- literally too. Not only is Singapore very environmentally friendly there are public gardens everywhere, even in the airport. There’s almost no traffic here, which for a city two thirds the size of New York is pretty incredible; the government really push public transport, meaning there’s the same amount of cars in rush hour here as a Sunday morning in my sleepy village in England. This tiny country has a really rich history too, something I really didn’t expect-the Nation history museum is fascinating. Singapore caters really well to my guilty pleasure-glamour. There are beautiful hotels on every corner- Marina Sands even has a shopping centre inside, designer shops adorn the high streets and there are some gorgeous people here-and the veggie food is to die for. Singapore really is a combination of the best cities in the world, taking the best of each of them and in return creating a super city like no other, you really need to experience it to believe it.

So…let’s talk about the elephant in the room- just how pricey is Singapore. My answer; it’s hard to say (which I know isn’t really an answer at all). What I can say is that Singapore is 100% worth every penny you will spend here. In comparison to its Asian neighbours the price jump is pretty extreme, but having said that, when you look at places like New York, Paris or London I’d say it’s relatively average- My hostel- River City Inn (which I would highly recommend) cost £11.29 for a night which isn’t THAT bad. I also had some of the best value for money and tastiest food I’ve ever had here- head to Noodle Man in Chinatown for some freshly made noodle soup or go to Little India where almost every restaurant is vegetarian. We had 2x Thali (which came with the biggest portion of rice I’ve seen, 6 taster curries, 2 naan bread, 2 poppadoms and a dessert), 6x bahji’s, 2 drinks AND an Appam (really delicious- a soft pancake with fermented rice batter served with coconut milk) for just £15.

Singapore can be done on the cheap- it’s the attractions that get you. You haven’t really been to Singapore if you don’t go to Gardens by the bay and get a photograph of those weird, huge flower lights. Equally so if you don’t go to a rooftop bar and order a Singapore sling (I was far too spent up to do this). If you’re happy to explore the city itself then you will rarely spend a penny, there is always something around the corner here it’s possibly what I love most about Singapore. Within the space of 5 minutes we’d walked past an outdoor ball room dancing class, 2 flash mobs, an outdoor drumming performance, an Am-Dram theatre performance and about 10 buskers. But if you want to live like a tourist here- then unfortunately it is going to cost you.

So cancel your next holiday to New York, forget about Paris or London-they’re far too overrated. Save up some cash and combine your city break with a beach holiday and come visit the tropical, super duper city that is Singapore.

(Apologies for the lack of photos, we were too busy having fun…and then our camera died)


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cook the beans

I felt the same when I visited Singapore 🙂 this is a great post and lovely pictures! I look forward to read more posts . Thanks for sharing!


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Singapore is getting higher on my bucket list ! And gosh with wich camera do you take your pictures ? They are truly amazing


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