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An afternoon in Melaka

After 1 ferry, 1 cancelled coach, 1 very delayed coach, 1 local bus, 1 VERY boring (would not recommend) stop over in Ipoh, 1 well timed coach and another local bus we fiiinally arrived in Melaka. When arranging some last minute travel plans, we were initially going to skip this World Heritage site and go straight to Singapore…but here we are.

If you’ve read my previous blog post on my experience in Georgetown (if not check it out here) then you’ll know that I was a little underwhelmed. Well, Melaka is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of Georgetown; so imagine my surprise whilst exploring this quaint town. There is cool street art, a lovely old town, ancient temples, a local market and delicious food. Melaka is basically a better, less touristic version of Georgetown and I would strongly skipping the former and head straight to the latter to soak up the history, culture and like I said earlier- mouthwatering food that this place has to offer.

Unfortunately, we were only able to spend a few hours here and I would have loved more time, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t able to cram in the sights. If you’re in the same boat, here what I would recommend; Firstly, head over to Selvam Restauran for a fantastic vegetarian Banana Leaf Curry- a speciality of Malaysia. This restaurant is conveniently located on the border of the old town; so that’s where you should check out next. The old town is really quite small, but it is absolutely packed full of interesting cafe’s, market stalls and boutiques- my favourite was a Korean lifestyle shop, I need to move to Korea after seeing the delights they had to offer. Wander down the canal and keep your eyes peeled for street art as well as Cendol desserts and fresh juice straight from a watermelon. Take a quick selfie with the red Christ Church and have a giggle at Xavier’s church a few streets over, before heading to the Chinese, Muslim and Hindu temples within the town. Next, in this heat I think you’ll be in need of some refreshments. Check out Geographer’s cafe, watch the street vendors set up the night market on Jonker Street, whilst tasting some of the best vegan food in town- try the Tofu salad, the satay sauce is amazing. If you still have room to spare, explore the night market for more tasty delights- pineapple tarts are famous here, and you must try a Putu Piring if you get the chance.

Tomorrow, we’re catching the bus to Singapore which means this is our last day in Malaysia- which I’m gutted about. Malaysia has been my favourite country by far and I’ve had some real adventures here; from hiking mountains to hitch hiking 250 KM. If you’re planning a trip to SE Asia, add Malaysia to your trip pronto! It’s a hidden gem that is not often explored by us Brits, which is a damn shame because it’s nothing short of amazing.


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