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A weekend in Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been a little distracted from my blog lately, mainly because I’ve been having a jam packed weekend in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia. As you all know if you’ve read my past couple of posts, Vietnam really wasn’t my favourite place, so instead of staying the month as planned we packed up early and headed over to Malaysia ahead of schedule.

Kuala Lumpur is an absolute dream, I really love it here. Possibly the most ethnically and culturally diverse place I’ve ever been; you’re constantly wandering into another ‘little’ country- Little India, Little China, Little Lebanon- it’s amazing to experience. The magnificent skyscrapers tower high above coconut trees, It’s like an exotic New York- but it’s not just your modern day concrete jungle-everywhere you look there is a beautiful building to admire, especially in the colonial area. I’ve never seen mosque’s quite so spectacular and the local’s technicolour dresses brighten the streets of KL. There is an energy in the air and a welcoming atmosphere wherever you go and of course, tantalising, delicious aromas rumble your stomach as you explore the city. KL really is a high energy place, you feel like you’re on the verge of finding something amazing, but walk 5 minutes into the Botanical gardens and you’ll be completely alone- completely forgetting you’re in a capital city at all.

What Katie recommends;

  • Obviously, being a greedy guts; my number 1 recommendation has got to be the food. Whatever your’re craving, I’ll make a bet that’s it’s here and that it’s delicious- Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Lebanese, Thia, Vietnamese etc. There is so much authentic food to sample here. You’ve got to try an Ondeh-Ondeh (a bright green dessert, a flour cake stuffed with liquid palm sugar and rolled in coconut. And completely vegan- you’re welcome)
  • Petronas Towers– pricey to take a ride to the top, but the towers themselves make for a great photo op and are iconic to KL.
  • Islamic Arts Museum– This gallery was so interesting, go to spend an afternoon checking out Islamic architecture, textiles, jewellery and arms
  • Botanical Gardens– This place is HUGE- spend a whole day getting lost in the gardens. Check out the herb garden, conservatory, large lake with wild tortoises and butterfly park.
  • Colonial Square– Head here to see some beautiful architecture which I really didn’t expect to see in Asia. The large square is a great place to sit and read a book. Check this place out in the morning when the road is closed.
  • Batu Caves-not quite as impressive as marble mountains but still worth seeing. Plus there are Monkeys there!!
  • National Mosque-Nothing like I expected, it was really open and modern. Put a robe on and get exploring this place.


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Chrissie Marshall

Wow! looks like there is so much to see there.

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