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Hue’s Forbidden City

Hue is amazing for one reason and one reason only- the imperial city…which I almost didn’t go to. The entry fee for this attraction is 150,000 Dong (that’s nearly £5.50!). When I read the price, all joking aside I nearly keeled over and died it’s so expensive. Okay maybe I’m being a little over dramatic as usual but a ticket for Joe and myself would cost HALF of our daily budget- and that wasn’t okay with me. I’m a greedy, foodie who exercises way too much to not spend my whole day shoveling food down my throat. But.. after a walk around the block refusing to pay in, Joe finally, thankfully convinced me- this place is stunning!

So I was a little disappointed with the lack of information inside the citadel, I had so many questions; when did this stop being a place royals lived in, who built it, who was the last emperor here, did it get destroyed in the Vietnamese war, what were all the buildings for etc. None of my questions were answered as there is just no information there (if you’re reading this and you know all of these things then PLEASE get in touch). So as breath taking as the buildings were, and how amazing the architecture is, I didn’t just feel that connection as I did in places like the Roman Colosseum, or Pompeii for example. I Couldn’t imagine what went on there, because quite frankly I have no idea what went on there. I was also a bit gutted that the citadel was built just over 200 years ago- I expected it to be really ancient, but we can’t have everything;  I did feel like Mulan walking around though so that’s a big plus.

We found ourselves getting lost amongst the endless buildings and gardens, it was the best way to spend an afternoon. You can pay for golf caddies to ferry you around but please don’t do that- use your legs and truly explore all of the nooks and crannies- trust me there’s plenty.

Hue will always be an amazing place to me because of the imperial city, but other than that I wasn’t hugely impressed. This tiny town acted as a great rest stop before we head down to Hoi An, but I really wouldn’t recommend staying longer than one day- we were here for two and I was bored out of my mind. Having said that, I definitely wouldn’t cross this off my backpacking list- make sure you get yourself here, but just for a few hours.




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