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Life’s a beach

We are now out of hellish Ho Chi Minh and have arrived in beautiful Phu Quoc- I must say, the difference between the two is huge. Phu Quoc is a small island under Cambodia, though is still technically in Vietnam territory; you can fly here like we did, which cost around £40 in total for a return, or you can get a bus and boat, an experience which I hear is amazing- not for me though as I would be sick over the side for the entire trip.

Phu Quoc is the first beach I’ve visited whilst in South East Asia and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Although it doesn’t look as visually impressive as some of those in Southern Thailand or Cambodia; the beaches are secluded, peaceful and if you travel far enough you can find one where you’re completely alone.

Having said that, the Island does remind me a little of Blackpool, with it’s neon lights, multitude of hotels and busy strip. The beaches can also be extremely difficult to get to, which surprised me, seeing as we’re on a small island. Most entrances to the beach are through private hotels or resorts; meaning they’re not open to the public- the roads that are public are currently building sites for new resorts. There are small dirt track roads which lead to some small openings of some of the island’s beaches, but they’re very easy to miss and are not sign posted. It’s best to ask your hotel for your best option, or as we did; hire a scooter, drive in the general direction and try every side street possible until you get there- this is the best way to find a secluded spot.


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