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I’ve been a little AWOL lately; neglecting my blog and Instagram page… but it’s because I’m having an affair with Pai- I seriously love it here.

Pai is absolutely my favourite place on this trip so far and I can’t even really describe why; yes the location is sensational, yes the views are fantastic and yes it is really vegan friendly- but it’s more the feeling it gives me. The atmosphere here is really relaxed, everybody is really friendly and despite it being a really touristy place to come, I feel like Joe and I are the only ones here and we’re discovering Pai for ourselves. It’s indescribable really, Pai has a certain je ne sais pas that I just can’t put my finger on- I know I love it, I knew it from the moment I stepped off the bus, but I don’t really know why I feel so strongly about this town.One thing is for certain though, if you’re planning a trip to Thailand, make sure Pai is on your list; you’d be crazy not to come here!

We haven’t really done anything momentous whilst here so far, we’ve mainly been getting lost within the endless market stalls on the walking street, eating every dish of street food Pai has to offer and bathing in the Sun I’ve missed so badly.

Today we hiked 6 hours to a waterfall and back; the walk was incredible, the waterfall not so much.  Everyone visiting Pai has to do this trek- I think in Thailand we become so dependant on scooters that we forget we actually have a pair of legs. Wading through the stream on the way up the mountain is so refreshing from the hot sun, we saw some really crazy insects (no scary ones though thankfully- mainly dragonflies and butterflies) and you actually feel like you’ve achieved something when you finally reach the top- as long as you don’t turn back when you FINALLY reach the 1 hour to go sign which is heartbreaking after you’ve already been killing yourself for the past 2 hours. The waterfall at the top isn’t that great, I mean you can swim in it and it is pretty, I’ve just been too spoilt by beautiful waterfalls the past few years. And besides, like in life- it’s about the journey…not the destination.


**All photo’s were taken by Joe- as per usual.

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