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Chiang Sigh…

I hate to say it; but I am really underwhelmed by Chiang Rai so far.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve spent two amazing weeks in Chiang Mai, or the weather isn’t that great today or if it is really Chiang Rai- either way, I’m not feeling it.

If you research into activities or things to see in Chiang Rai you will find a huge list of ways to spend you time; there’s only one problem… unless you have an unlimited budget or your own mode of transportation- you aren’t going to see all that much as nothing is actually in the city centre. Everything, and I mean everything is a drive away from the centre; the White Temple, the Black House, hot springs, waterfalls, the Golden Triangle…everything. Maybe I’m being a little overdramatic here, people do come here for a reason, just at the minute I’m struggling to see what those reasons are.

Today we got the bus to the White Temple (which was only 40 BHT for a round trip, so not too bad at all) and it was gorgeous! The detail in every inch of this place truly is incredible and it’s not even finished yet. No matter how beautiful the temple is, it still didn’t make me fall in love with this place. You never know, when it’s time to leave in 2 days I may be singing Chiang Rai’s praises (we’ll see).

If you take my advice; I’d stay in Chiang Mai and take a day trip to see the sights in Chiang Rai. That way you get a driver to take you to all touristy bits, without the hassle of actually travelling and staying here, it would work out cheaper too.

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