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Happy New Year

Our time in Chiang Mai has finally come to a close and we are leaving for Chiang Rai today. Although I am looking forward to a new adventure, and am excited to explore a new place; Chiang Mai has truly felt like home these past two weeks. I have felt truly at ease here and I have to admit, I’m feeling a little hesitant to leave.

The best way to say goodbye to this beautiful place was to watch crowds from all over the globe set off Chinese lanterns in Thapae Gate. The lanterns were incredible to watch and it was a unique experience to see in the new year. The lanterns cost 100 BHT from a street seller at the gate- I’d recommend venturing down the river a little, you get better views, are less crowded and the lanterns are HALF the price- 50 BHT and you get a marker to write a special message.

This New Year’s eve was filled with hope for the future, you could feel it amongst the crowds that everyone was letting go of negativity from this past year and were wishing for better times to come. I felt like this too, until of course- my lantern got tangled in electrical cables as soon as I let go of it. It soon wrangled itself free, to only fall into a nearby tree…and set it on fire.

Happy new year everybody.


NB* This is future Katie speaking, all the way from March 2018- over a year since writing this post in the first place. Although this New Years Eve was pretty magical, it has since been tainted a little after learning the after effects lanterns have on the environment and on wildlife. Safe to say I won’t be doing this again. It’s all a learning curve people!

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