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Sa Wad Dee Ka

Bangkok we have officially arrived!

I left my job 8 weeks ago to finish preparing  for my trip to SE Asia, which let’s face it was waaay too much time. So naturally I did a whole lot of nothing until a few days before we set off; which as I’m sure you can imagine isn’t the greatest of plans. It was a mad rush to prepare everything in time but we did it and we (hopefully) haven’t forgotten or left anything too important behind.

This trip has a completely different vibe to when we travelled Europe in 2015- where every second was accounted for; train times, hostels, what sights we would see each day. You could say it was overkill, but it worked for me- firstly because I’m an organised Queen, secondly because we wanted to fit 16 countries into just 9 weeks which was a mammoth task. This time round I’m trying to be a lot more relaxed when it comes to planning and it was very difficult for me to get on a plane not knowing exactly what I was going to be doing for the next few months, but I’m sure (fingers crossed) I’ll calm down as time goes on.

I’ve found it really difficult to find valid info on what to do and what not to do when planning for SE Asia; what vaccinations do I get- all you get is vague answers, what travel insurance should I buy and what company can insure me if I don’t know when I’ll be returning home- nobody seems to know. It’s a minefield in all honesty. So I’ll try fill you in on all of the boring stuff as well as the touristy stuff to help you not go out of your mind crazy trying to find definitive answers on the internet.


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