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Europe- How much I spent

I was always told, ‘Don’t go to Europe, you’ll spend far too much money’. Europe is a lot more expensive than places in Asia for example, but in comparison to Australia and America- it’s on a much more level playing field.

My time in Europe was the best in my life and the rich history and culture of European countries is well worth the money. I saved up for this trip in around 7 months whilst working on minimum wage in a clothes shop- so it is doable on any budget. Saving was my first priority  when  it came to spending, but that doesn’t mean I deprived myself of new clothes and nights out-because I certainly didn’t, I just didn’t splurge on anything not necessary to travelling Europe.

I’m sure you’re all thinking- cut to the chase, how much did you actually spend? Well see below for my exact figures and some tips which saved my life when it came to stretching money.

Before the Trip:

Travel Insurance: £29.89PP

Look on a price comparison site for the best deal

Clothes: £100 PP

Backpack: £150 PP

This didn’t actually cost me anything as it was a Christmas present

Sleeping Bags: £40PP

This isn’t actually necessary if you’re not camping, but we found camping really useful in countries where the hostels were quite expensive.

During the Trip:

Flights (Leeds Bradford- Amsterdam, Bilbao-London Heathrow): £82.80 PP

Make sure you book your flights as early as you possibly can- a flight from Leeds to Amsterdam is not going to be £30 PP the night before. Sign up to email alerts from Skyscanner to get the best deals

Interrail Tickets: £967 PP

One of the most expensive things I bought but was totally worth it for my trip. Research what countries you want to visit and see if it’s worth getting an interrail ticket. This pass covered all of my train travel for the full 3 month trip. Make sure you check if you need to purchase a reservation on each train for your pass to be valid

Other travel: £100 PP

Although interrail tickets are a life saver, you sometimes have to get local buses, ferries or use the underground system to get around

Hostels: £933.62 PP

3 months stay? that’s not bad. This is an average of a little over £9 a night. We stayed in the cheapest possible places- some where brilliant some were horrifically disgusting- and I wouldn’t recommend camping in the South of Italy in 40 degree heat either.

Daily Budget (Food, entertainment): €15 PP per day (approx £1,100 in total)

€15 per day really is a shoestring budget but we did manage it. This meant really utilisng free things a place had to offer especially in expensive places; Amsterdam or Rome for example. But this money can really go far in places like; Krakow, Prague, Budapest. If you only have a small budget opt for countries with their own currency as these tend to be cheaper

Contingency: £100 PP

We didn’t have this worked into our budget- you definitely have to. When your train gets cancelled and there’s no other way to get to the destination you’ve already paid a hostel for, you’re going to need a plan B. Plan B’s usually cost money

Grand Total: £3,603.31 PP

There you have it, proof that anyone can travel on any budget. I think £3k for 3 months in Europe is such a good deal and the experiences really are priceless. If you don’t want to save up this much money then why not travel for a shorter time, 6 weeks travelling cheaper countries could almost half this budget

If you have any specific questions on what my money was spent on then feel free to give me a bell

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