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Free things to do in Europe

Travelling Europe can be really daunting- especially on a budget as it’s renowned for being expensive.

I was working full time in a shop on minimum wage saving every penny for my European trip, so if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to spend your days doing stuff for free, even in some of the most expensive countries.

Free walking Tours

Walking tours are pretty much my favourite thing to do- I learnt so much local history, culture and found amazing places I never would have otherwise (Not forgetting the best places to get a cheap drink).

Pretty much every major city has one, check with your hostel or search online. The tours usually happen at least once a day and always start in a really easy location to find. The tour guides are always friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the cities they live in. The Tour Guides do work from tips, however this element isn’t compulsory. When my boyfriend and I were really strapped for cash; a positive review on Trip advisor and social media sites can go a long way instead.


Museums & Art Galleries

A lot of the main touristic museums and galleries do have a small charge, but if you do your research there are lots of more unknown ones that are completely free and often about completely random subjects. We visited; a Church museum, plenty of art galleries, an espionage photography museum and a prison museum to name a few and they were all brilliant.

If you have a few hours to spare and want to escape the heat of Europe (most have air con) then look online for free museums in the area. You may learn something you never knew or even discover a secret history of a city you never knew existed.


Free events in local parks

Some of my favourite times were lounging in parks catching the Sun and watching the world go by. During Summertime, many local councils have free events that take place in parks so they are definitely not a place to miss. Check with your hostel to see if anything is happening, but even if not Europe has some of the most beautiful parks the world has to offer and have plenty of things to see and do.


Get lost exploring

I know this probably seems like common sense- but explore the place you’re visiting. I saw so many people who barely even left the hostel and I thought they were absolutely crazy. Of course research and plan and find all the best things Tripadvisor has to offer you, but it’s so much more fun to just walk.. walk with no particular destination in mind and see where the city takes you. I found some of the best; restaurants, bars and parks this way. Veer off the beaten path, explore back streets and residential places- live like a local and I promise that you’ll find somewhere amazing.


I know the above may not seem like much, but if you did everything on this list you could get 2 days worth of activities for absolutely free- do that in every place you visit and Hey Presto! You’ve saved yourself some serious cash, meaning you can travel for much longer AND really experience the culture a place has to offer.

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